What makes a person boring?

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Top 10 reasons some people are boring.

  1. They are afraid of showing their true self.

  2. They are really really really lazy and stay at home a lot.

  3. They read uninteresting things - same books, news channel and blogs. Ugh.

  4. They have uninteresting friends - birds of a feather flock together right?

  5. They do the same thing over and over - eat the same food, take the same route to work, go to the same vacation spot… If I write anymore I'm going to cry.

  6. They have a boring lifestyle - gets back from work, warm some junk food and flip on Netflix, bye bye world!

  7. They have this limiting beliefs in their head that they are so boring - trust me I carried that belief for so long and I know how it feels.

  8. They ask boring questions - like “how's your day” “what do you do” instead of “what's the weirdest thing you ever ate?” etc

  9. They don't have adequate social skills - like how to laugh, remembrance to watch comedy videos so as to share jokes, smiling, complimenting and the rest.

PS: oh wait a minute, thanks for the Upvote and comments guys. Just want to inform you I have written a guide on How do you know if you are an introvert?

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