Sleep Paralysis - Nocturnal Visits are yet unexplained, have you experienced it ?steemCreated with Sketch.

in psychology •  2 years ago 

This uterly scary phenomenon is something i ve came across with myself, and i can say its the most terrifying feeling one
can experience. The strange thing is that science does not have an answer, an explanation, just some speculations which i
dont buy at all.

Call it however you like, but only the ones who had this visits can really be the judge of it.

Have any of you felt it`s presence, i would really like to hear some of your opinions in comments below.

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saw your interest about psychology....years from now, I have been studying something called morphopsychology(knowing the personality through facial traits)....I have posts about that


ooh, cool, ill check it out, thanks do you have any knowledge about sleep par. ? any points on that maybe ?


almost nothing sorry.....wish you all the best