Very practical psychological phenomenon

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1 girls like to be with talk about your past ,if boys can listen patiently ,he'll soon see each other as objects of love

2.Breathing and heart rate will unconsciously speed up when people are playing games,the body therefore consumes energy,so paly games properly at usual can help lose weight,

3.When you feel wrongeg ,you can go to the barber's to wash you hair or cut a new hairstyle,can regulate mood nd inhibit the secretion of depression hormones in the body,

4.Short-term stress can stimulate areas of the brain that are responsible for emotional and learning abilities,
Let glutamate spread faster in the body,improve learning ability and memory ,

5.Human beings are the only primates that will blush when they encounter something embarrassing.a person who blushes after making a mis take better to be forgiven by others

6,Want to make marriage happier,husband and wife have t work after work equitable sharing of housework,this helps couples after work ,relax as soon as possible relievin work stress.

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