Psychological disorders

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I didn't want to deal with money but I didn't look for a profession, but it only took me two hours to choose the psychology that attracted me.

It is often a process dominated by melancholy. You don't need a lot to feel sad or depressed. A poem, a melody, or a photograph that comes to your mind is more than enough to upset you. The Mani period contains enough energy and faith to conquer the worlds. You do not know yourselves about rationalizing even the most extreme ideas.

I feel fortunate to have experience as well as a book about psychological disorders. I gave a lecture on the disorder at my school. Of course I've told the person with the disorder as my friend because people don't have the same sensitivity.

People in my environment wanted to keep me busy with something to avoid going too far in my depression times. Thinking about them was a path to madness. I kept my own identity not to be ignited.

It was about six to seven months after the first episode, when I felt closer to my former state. What happened during this time is not clear at the moment.

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