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Twenty-One Thoughts On Psychedelics

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The bit about self realization really stuck with me. I had my first experience with mushrooms a few months ago, and it was truly amazing. It allowed me to turn my vision inward and really inspect myself without judgement. That's not to say I didn't have thoughts/feelings about myself that weren't great (and none the less true), but my emotional mind didn't turn into some self hating fest. In fact it was the first time I was able to really embrace myself, flaws and all, and just appreciate the complexities of my humanity. I also felt as if I were anchored to something bigger, greater than myself. It was wild, humbling, and something I would like to experience again. I couldn't agree more that the knowledge of self is imperative for the future. I believe that when people embrace themselves, they are far less distracted by petty trivialities, and their entire motivation for practically everything they do changes to benefit the all.

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