DMT - Part 1: Some facts, research and overview

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So I just signed up for DTube and decided to share a video I recently did for my small YouTube channel. This is, by far, the video of mine that I've done the most research for, so hope you like it!

In this video, I'm giving a general overview of a very interesting substance - DMT (or dimethyltryptamine).
In no way do I promote its use. What I want is to raise awareness of and provide information on the current state of research of this compound and some facts you should probably know about it.
That said, please keep in mind that I'm not a real scientist and do not claim to be an expert on the matter at hand. This video is just a result of my personal desire to understand DMT more. I very well could have made some mistakes and/or misinterpreted the data available, so please let me know should you notice such an occurrence. Below, you can find links to the articles I've referenced and sources I've used.
Also, there are other videos about DMT to be found - either on YouTube or DTube - so be sure to check them out for different perspectives on the situation. This is a big subject and it's very important to do as much research as possible.

Rick Strassman's 1990-1995 study:
2012 Erowid user reports study:
Accounts of near-death experiences:
Endogenous DMT in mammals:;jsessionid=C0AB042F718C1DBEFCD18CC29A38B055.f04t01
DMT as an ancestral neurotransmitter (and a very interesting piece of writing in general):
2015 study of regular ayahuasca users:
Chapter from Psychedelic Information Theory on psychedelics and neuroplasticity:
DMT portal on Erowid (a whole lot of useful information, articles and links):

In part 2, I will discuss the more subjective side of the DMT experience, having to do with philosophical implications and spirituality. Will see you in part 2 or any other video I may uplaod before that!

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Haha I saw erowid in your sources. I love that site even though it hasn't really changed since 2001 lol.

I just checked out your page Did you just start today? Good luck, you should do fine here.

Sure, I've just started here, thanks!
And yeah, erowid's UI is really outdated - but the site still is very helpful and educational c: