Why Things Can't Be Different

For many years I had made it my mission in life to change the world. It didn't work.

I'm not saying one shouldn't try but that trying it indeed leads to the realization that it can't be done. Might sound like a bummer but it's quite liberating actually.


For the longest time I didn't want to see why it wouldn't be possible to change the world... I thought it certainly needed change and I thought it would certainly be possible to accomplish. Then I heard someone I respect deeply put it in very simple terms, which is precisely what I want to relay to you today, since I have never read it as simply anywhere in English language space.

As much as I thought it didn't explain anything when I first heard this... I am that much certain today that it describes actuality perfectly.

Ready? Here it is:

Things can't be different. You know why? Because they aren't!

If they could be different they would be different. They aren't different - they are like they are! Not like they could be.

Get it?


It's very simple <3

If you don't see what I mean, read it again. I bet most kids will get this instantly, most of us adults might have to try a few times or let it rest until it pops into our minds out of nowhere like an epiphany... And if you can't yet see it, it might change your life one day when you revisit this notion, not that your life ever could change until it acually does... ;)

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Thanks for stopping by <3

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I am not happy about that perspective. I believe that if we accept how things are, then we are doomed. If everyone says this and accepts this then we are headed down a very bad path.

Things can be different and they will have to be, or else we will die off here. Each of us is powerful beyond belief and current understanding. All we have to do is each take back our power and understand that we are the only one that matters, because if everyone feels like this, then we will have change.

We are brought up to accept things as they are, values instilled, or lack there-of, and we are taught to follow along and buy into these lies and accept these social rules as they are and not to question why things are the way they are.

I do not accept this and I won't simply follow along with the program. I have decided not to participate and support the system anymore and that will bring me great relief and freedom.

It's just my perspective and thanks for the post, I enjoy reading your info.

My gratitude for sharing your thoughts @shakanin <3
It's a super interesting and worthy dialogue to have for sure!
The way I see it our system precisely does NOT present us with the notion to accept things as they are but presents us with ever-evolving lies to see past what-is and to instead make us accept ill-intentioned agendas that are entirely fictional and therefore unreal as the truth.

Now of course since we take these system structures as "givens" we confuse them with what-is.

But strictly speaking (and from my perspective) we will be much happier people, healthier and resilient once we see that any- and everything we had taken for certain was actually a bad movie written by malicious people for their own agenda that we followed blindly. And that it had nothing to do with reality whatsoever.

I do see though how this could be interpreted as accepting what the system throws our way, but as I said that is precisely NOT the point.
There is also something to be said about the value of bad experiences, and sometimes I really wonder whether all the bullshit agendas on Earth are actually doing humanity a (painful and horrible) favor, by shaking us awake to actuality so much so that we'll never fall asleep again to the old lies.

Anyways, thanks again for your comment,
be well <3

Not sure if it is your cup of tee, but I feel intuitively compelled to share this monologue by Alan Watts with you that has had a great impact on me. Maybe it can shed some more light on what I meant with this article.

Much love!

I have tried to view the video but it says it has been blocked because of copyright grounds, so i'm not sure what is going on. Do you mind telling me the title of the video, so I can search for it?

Is this part of the purge from Youtube?

It's more of a classic that is registered somewhere. The video is called "Alan Watts - Conversation with myself". It's on youtube in parts as well, about 30 minutes or so in total. So weird, it still works for me.

Try these, uploaded by Watts' son:


Those are all working, so i'm going to check them out. Thanks so much :)

Thanks again for disagreeing, it always furthers consideration on all sides and perspectives

I enjoy connecting with you because you are respectful and open to new perspectives. I do not like coming in contact with people who have different views and are rude and disrespectful and their views are based on ignorance. I find that very unpleasant.

I believe it would be nice to just accept that things are the way they are, in terms of not generating negative feelings, but to live following common sense principles, such as respecting our Earth and each other. Not being greedy and selfish focusing on meaningless things getting people nowhere.

I'm not accepting of any values or beliefs of this society and I don't strive for what is being sold. As well, many people are dying off from diseases caused by living in a toxic environment and filling themselves with toxic chemicals. Cancer is at an all time high, obesity related diseases are skyrocketing. Kids diagnosed with things such as ADHD, and given pills to treat this is staggering.

At the Rally a few days ago, to fight the pipeline, a speaker said that 2 of the worlds biggest billionaires have more wealth than 50% of the population of the world. And this is just one statistic. Having people starving and homeless, is a choice that we are making and it does not have to be that way. As well, these governments are committing terrible acts of violence against people and this needs to come to an end now!

Soon, it going to be too late to save us from our demise from the destruction of the Earth, our home. Science proves this and common sense can only go so far if the people do not have common sense and are instead controlled and manipulated into believing that success means growth and exploiting our natural resources in the name of our desires and insane wishes.

This society lacks common sense and any good values. It is not a free society and things have to change or there is no hope for any of us to become happy, healthy and thriving, each of us allowed to reach our full potential. Our ability to live here will come to an end, and this will be based on stupidity and not having any common sense.

Thanks for being such a pleasant person. It is so nice to connect with you.