Questioning the Concept of Causality | Part 4 - A Disregarded Realm we filter out and forgot exists

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The further we move into the dissection of causality the more speculative this all gets, as you may have already noticed in part 2 and 3 of this miniseries. There are some other tales that link into this topical complex of causality and talk about something that isn't easily talked about but has fascinated me like pretty much nothing else in recent years, having to do with causing and changing things from a purely intentional and will-related perspective as an individual but on a whole other level than we are commonly used to when talking about matters of choice and causation.

If you are curious, come let's dive in!


Assuming physicality to be "it"

When we grow up we get used to the convention that this world we all live in and share - physical reality as we perceive it through our five senses - is pretty much the only place there is, period. And what else could there possibly be, right? Well, a world we have forgotten to notice that underlies the whole of physical reality.

It's not like this is exaggeration at all, I am being quite literal when I say that there is something meaningful and experienceable that "precedes" reality as we know it and anyone can have access to it, especially once we are reminded how immediate that other level of existence is. "Immediate" is the best word I can think of to describe it, it has also been called "what is going on" or "what is", by some. It surrounds us constantly but we mostly do not notice anymore...


The substratum

As children we are often reminded to not spend too much time in our imagination and phantasy; when we grow up we are reminded to "face reality" and most people we meet and talk to seem to be of the mindset that our regular 3d existence is a synonym for reality and that all these terms refer to our familiar world we find ourselves in. But one thing that people on psychedelic experiences may stumble upon is the idea that we as children were always connected to that place we have long forgotten - before our indoctrination systems and institutions, our society's customs and a several thousand year-old plan by the gang has made us forget.

While I could go deep into how the obsession with materialism and certain artificial cosmologies that have been pushed on people under the guise of scientific enlightenment and "knowledge", let's come back to the substratum of actuality and its reemergence in our perception within the pending psychedelic age.

You see, there really is no point in me promoting the existence of this other more fundamental level of being precisely because to people whose worldview can't allow for such it will sound like meaningless esoteric-mumbo jumbo without any factual backing, and that's alright, you are so serious and hardcore!

To all those curious I say: There is such a "place" and it can be visited provided we are curious, behave responsibly and make some preparations.


But here's the kicker: Some who have gone to that mysterious "place" (probably not a place but a frequency, if that) have actually started to map it, like human beings once mapped Africa in square miles or the human-audible frequency spectrum in Hertz. There are people who look and decipher the "constants" in that "other realm" if you will, and to find out what their correlation is to the physical universe we are seemingly living in.

Mind blown? It's incomprehensily mindblowing to see it happen right in front of you and to experience when it all clicks in clarity. But said realm is pretty much impossible to describe which is why I am so fascinated by it: The multitude of experience that happens once one becomes aware of this substratum and recognizes his own relationship to it.

More on the sub-reality layer and how it may intertwine with the concepts of causality and causation in the final part of this series, bringing it all back to how this could possibly relate to our "traditional norms" of causation that we may yet be able to hang on to in another sense...

Series to be "concluded" in part 5...

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