Psilocybin Adventures

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I can almost guarantee everyone reading this, that if you eat these psychedelic mushrooms even ONCE, that experience will stick with you for the rest of your life. I truly believe these mushrooms are of a higher consciousness and when consumed they bring you on a journey, one thats meant to teach you lessons about yourself and this life. These mushrooms are not really a tool for recreation, they are a tool for spirituality.


Personally speaking, i've had some of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences after eating some of these bad boys. My friend called me once while I was tripping by myself and asked me if I was down to play some basketball..I told him of course come pick me up, but I left out the part that I was tripping hard on mushrooms.
As I get into his car he says to me " I dont know why but as you were walking to the car you looked so child like, as if you had no worry in the world."
aannnddddd thats when I told him how deep in the trip I was hahah... That trip had me feeling like everything in the world was brand new. When you look at the people you love in this life, their presence alone is enough to make you cry tears of joy. I sat down at the piano and played some of the few tricks I know and each key was vibrating and moving so much so, that I could not even continue to look at them. Unbelievably though I was still playing all the right notes.


Ive also had one of the most terrifying experiences of my life on mushrooms. For three hours it felt like I was trapped in some sort of hell. Even though that sounds like something you'd want to completely avoid, by the end of that hellish experience it never felt better to be ME. Emotionally those mushrooms had brought me to such a low point, but thats what I needed at that time. The mushrooms were trying to show me that things could be worse! And that I should stop worrying about little things and stop wanting more, because im already blessed with the life I live. It was a lesson to be more grateful and to realize that even when I think things are bad, they could be much much worse. So now when I think im having a bad day, I think back to that horrible trip and realize things arent really that shitty.

Even though my last trip left me a little traumatized, its like a good sort of trauma. One that Im willing to put myself through again if thats what these conscious fungus think will benefit me. We'll see where they bring me next and what lessons ill walk away with.

What is your guys experiences with mushrooms??? Im curious to see what other steemians think/know/experienced regarding these fungi.

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To be honest brother I have never tried them. But reading your experience I might reconsider. 😜
Actually I try to avoid anything that brings me down...even toxic people. They are far worse...

But at the end of the day, you got a really good lesson. And sometimes you have to be through a terrifying experience, to understand and eventually be grateful...


its truly a humbling experience, thank you for reading and for your feedback

interesting story 🍄 hha, have an awesome day!


much love, thank you

this is a great art
thank you for sharing
I am a new folllwer for you

What ?
How ?
Are these like marijuana ?


much much more intense than marijuana...look up psilocybin mushrooms and read up on their properties

Very Intresting Story Awesome

Good Job