PSA: Warning On gtg-witnesses Account Offering Rewards

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I noticed an account today sending out memos claiming reward share for voting for witness @gtg

The account that was sending links in memos is @gtg.witnesses

Here was the first page i saw which was suspicious due to the high amount offered immediately

gtg witness share.JPG

Here was the link posing as steemconnect and asking to use notifications role and not specifying any key to input.

notice it isn't the steemconnect site



still i used my posting key to see what would happen and instantly redirected back to instead of the steemconnect confirmation and redirect page.

gtg site.JPG

Finally the contact details all link back to the site with no contact details or mention for @gtg

I hovered over the twitter link and it shows a preview for the link back to site.


This is most definitely a scam to try to get users master keys.

Never put your keys into any unverified sites and when using steemconnect always make sure the site's URL is correct.


Well spotted. Obviously a scam. Resteemed and notified the real @gtg. He shall be very angry! Behold the wrath of his staff.

think more than a staff is needed for this one

gandalf has an arsenal stashed, he'll pick the right weapon.

Haaa, thanks for the feeling of utmost confidence. Great visual @drakos!

Thanks man good catch!

Just for info, steemconnect can redirect too but a quick glance at those urls none of them is a real steemconnect link

It is very important for users to take in consideration when using SC enabled services, the page showing the steem connect login should have steemconnect in the address

A valid steemconnect link with redirect...

Thanks for looking out. Until people take personally responsibility to not fall or stuff like this, it will always continue. As long as even a small percentage of people get fooled, the scammers will make enough money to keep doing it. We all have to work together to raise awareness and educate people in order to protect ourselves and starve these people out. Ideally they'll learn providing value is more profitable and enjoyable than harming others.

no probs, im just glad was caught early even though looks like someone's funds got taken by it already

looks like @shaikatkm put his key and it transferred his SBD and Steem over,

your right the more people who are educated on how scams operate will make it difficult,time consuming and costly to try with most being deterred into legitimate enterprises there will still be a few who will try the numbers game regardless,

whenever there is money involved especially the vast amounts crypto holds , which will only grow magnitudes into the future expect an explosion of everyday shysters enticed by fortunes and probably encouraged by high profile scams that get away with millions devoid of consequence.

i dont think there will be a time when everybody is aware of the interstices of scams these days which will only evolve as time goes on mush the same as with cyber wars as white hats and black hats battle with ever evolving programming techniques and technologies crypto communities must do the same.

Thank you for the heads up. And as a reminder to the community. never use your master pasword on any website unless you are 100% sure it is legit. Guys there are alot of people that are trying to scam you of your steem and your account be extremely careful. Once again thank you for sharing. -Cheers

Thanks for sharing. A lot of people might have become victims by now. Great work!!

Did you change your posting key after doing this?

i immediately changed master key which changed all others

Good thing you are paying attention!
Thanks for caring & sharing.

Nice catch, I passed this on so my followers can see it also.

I will translate this post to burmese language. Hello Luke will you encourage me.

Wow thanks for showing up this!! I'm resteming so more people can get to know this :O

awesome catch - good work

Thank you @Isacoin for the heads-up, I hope everyone shares this article.

Thank you!

Resteemed to pass the warning along.

Thanks for the warning! I am one of those who tend to be very careful myself, but I think lots of users can potentially be saved from making a mistake when reading a post like this, so thank you! It's sad that we already have scammers here on Steemit, but I guess that's just how it is.

Wow! First, thanks for having a sharp eye and being willing to "test the water" to confirm that this IS a scam.

Second... what a shame that this cool community seems so prone to attracting low-lifes who just try to rip off people. Especially considering that we've been given this opportunity to earn rewards legitimately.

:::Shaking head:::

Bright Blessings!

was worth risking my posting key to see what happens

worst case would have taken my votes and resteemed

best case would have got 37SBD :)

everywhere in crypto experiences this has from the start and will grow in the future is easier to see with steemit as it is a reward based system with direct contact available through wallets other scams are more indirect such as fake icos,services exit scams,ponzis,pump groups etc

Wow, this is horrible. I wouldn't have fallen for it, as I am to nervous to even use steemconnect. But I am sure people fall for this still despite the warnings.

Thanks for taking the time to send out an alert to the communitity and for @themarkymark for resteeming so I would see it in my feed. You both are awesome and adding you to my follow list now.

i too was skeptical using steemconnect but it is perfectly safe to use i know you give faith that steemit inc/ busy manage correctly but would be counter intuitive to mismanage as longterms gains far out weigh what having a weak safe guarding on keys

also giving your posting key only lets an application vote,comment,resteem for transfers can do manually and never give your master key and your perfectly safe from someone getting full control on your account and you can change at anytime

Be very careful when posting your active key to a third-party site. Keep your master key safe and use your active key only when necessary. Use your posting key for posting.

great advice
i rarely use my active key with steemconnect prefer to make transfers manually and using your posting key only is good opsec

Thanks to the information, I will disseminate this information to all members of the community, so that nothing can be harmed for all steemians, especially members of my community NSC.

Thanks for the information @isacoin and @gtg.

Thank you for posting this information

we need to remain vigilant!

This same week i was reading a post in steemit, it had a catchy title, once in the post there was only a picture and a link to the article in a page called "" the UI was like the one on steemit, but once there the log in window appears, only option was to enter the log in details, ESC or clicking outside the login window did not work if you wanted to read the article then you had to enter the log in.. good thing i saw those "ii" on, and also the .tk domain made me realize it was... a scam. First thing to do was to warn others in the comments section, it was nice to see someone was ahead of me warning everyone, thanks @felander :)

probably that account got his master key stolen by a scam like the one here, or other!

Wow... there really is no shortage of imagination on the part of scammers. Thanks for sharing... resteemed.

Thanks a lot for confirming the funny feeling I had. After finding this suspicious, I checked the profile and their wallet, to find a first hint of a scam and then this post. Hopfully enough people will resteem, so everyone gets warned.

I'm always a bit uneasy with that steemconnect. For a while one was redirected to something like v2.SteemConnect... wonder what that was..

Thank you so much @isacoin. This is an alert message to us. I'll let my friends know.

I've got this message too, end even visited his web-site. But when I was asken my password... Naah!!!
Thank you for informing us! Resteemed

Thank you for sharing this very important information, before I did not know this but after you send me message in steemit chat this information becomes very meaningful.
Regards by @green07

you should change your posting key asap if you havent already


I didn't know that ... thanks for letting us to know these information about this scam.. unfortunately nowadays there are lots of this scam links

Thanks for the notice! Stupid phishers...

Re-steemed, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the info. I almost fell for a similar scam some months ago.

Thank you for posting so that we beginners can be careful with people's tricks. @isacoin

Thanks for share @isacoin

useful information thank you

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delightful & elated!

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What is this..?? some kind of foreign forum?

breathtaking & remarkable!

This is outrageous!
I am the only witness, where you can make a profit from your vote!
And you have to do nothing for it. Just vote for me.
No other website involved!

what do you mean make profit from vote ?

if you pay for votes i wouldn't agree with this and think that most in the community would frown upon this type of witness campaign

might be better use of funds to support some start up initiatives or other other groups and build support this way

You vote for me as witness.
I make blocks and get SP.
Part of that is payed out to all my voters.

Not everybody can afford to run a witness node.

Do you frown upon cloud mining?

And you are free to give your 29 rest votes to other witnesses, who don't give that much back to the individual.

And bid bots where also frowned upon in the beginning

I upovted you as a witness. When will I start getting SBD. I just want to know the time. I believe in you.

with your 590k VESTS this can take a while, currently I make one block per day.
Maybe 0.001 SBD per week ;)
But you are always free to unapprove me.

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I had to resteem this one. Thanks for another great post for minnows like myself. (I'm skeptical of entering my keys anywhere, but this is an amazing find.)

Thank you for warning me, @isacoin!

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thank you for reminding us to keep careful, this post is very useful for us. thank you very much for sharing information.

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