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What is Proximax?

Proximax is a next-gen integrated distributed ledger technology development platform powered by the blockchain technology. The blockchain world is evolving so fast and instead of focusing solely on the blockchain technology, this project is a set of tools for developers enabling them build applications and still enjoying the inherent benefits of the blockchain.ProximaX is not a simple Blockchain, it is an entire platform for developers to create anything they have in mind or need with the benefits of Blockchain, can you imagine? To be able to create almost any type of applications easily and integrated in a single platform?What this simply means is that ProximaX is not just a blockchain. It is also a software suite and has many complimentary features. These include peer-to-peer storage, side chains, streaming services, database services, etc.

ProximaX envisage easier for enterprises and startups to take advantage of blockchain technology and disrupt the use of centralized services when it comes to things like database management, database storage, streaming data services, data aggregation services and more.
This helps reduce the cost of operation and allow companies to better use their resources and focus on creating a better, more affordable product for their users or clients.

The Problem Now

The main one of these problems is the lack of cohesion between the different platforms so that it is difficult for developers to use the same blockchain for different uses, for example if they need to develop an internet of things they cannot use the same network for transmissions in Live or applications for blogging which greatly limits the potential of the network, this problem is what ProximaX tries to solve.There is a plethora of parameters used to judge how good a particular blockchain project is and they include: speed, storage, security and so on. But developers of decentralized applications still find it difficult to fully utilize due to the lack of cohesion. As a developer, creating your own solution can take a while and can be very expensive. Considering this, the developers will have to make do with the not-so-near-perfect system currently available.

The ProximaX's solution

Their platform is designed in such a way that is encompasses all the necessary tools you need for your app development
The ProximaX built a world class blockchain protocol with off-chain service layers which comprises of centralized and decentralized features to enable both traditional technology and the new emerge digital technology create the need quality service to their dear customers and also end users of their product . Hence the long awaited hydrib Software architectures as a service which allows developers to deploy and their application without worry about how to write code for deployment with very low latency.

CHEAPER DEVELOPMENT COST - By using off-chain distributed technology, developers can design and deploy applications even without blockchain programming knowledge. This saves considerable time and money because you don't need to hire expensive blockchain programmers.
IMPRESSIVE SCALABILITY - While blockchains seem to have the problem of scalability just for recording transactions(ledger), ProximaX suite allows it to even store large data and media files while conducting speedy transactions with all the characteristics of the blockchain(transparency, immutability, irreversibility, etc).
SECURE AND TRANSPARENT - And much more! ProximaX of course is a full blockchain and cannot be hacked due to its decentralized manner. All transactions are recorded on its publicly accessible ledger and irreversibly time-stamped. This blocks every chance of fraud.
HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE - Taking a step further than its predecessor blockchains, ProximaX allows you to operate in permissioned or permissionless environments. Permisionless (public) blockchains are the default, but you can used permissioned (private) environments for sensitive data such as legal documentation, company transactions, management, etc.
ALWAYS AVAILABLE - Remember that ProximaX is a software suite (think Microsoft Office or Adobe). However, since it is based on a blockchain it has no downtime like its competition. No "server upgrades" are required because it is hosted on thousands of nodes around the world.
USER FRIENDLY - ProximaX provides a large selection of templates, APIs and SDKs that can easily be integrated into any application. It also supports a wide range of programming languages.
BLOCKCHAIN FLEXIBILITY - Most blockchains have a single custom cryptocurrency, and even when tokens are based on them they must follow standards (e.g. Ethereum - ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, etc), but the ProximaX blockchain is interactive with other blockchains such as the bitcoin network.
In short, their platform is ; highly scalable, cost efficient, secure, easy to use, among others.
The blockchain has some admirable features such as security, anonymity, transparency and decentralization of storage and so on. It is no wonder why it has thrived over the last decade. However, there are certain aspect of the blockchain such as storage that is still undergoing technological growth. Developers of the blockchain application have found it difficult to fully utilize the blockchain to provide solutions due to the lack of cohesion.
Proximax has looked into the problem of storage and decentralised application development and has come up with some tools that will help customers enjoy valuable services and also offer developers the opportunity to develop applications while leveraging the inherent features of the blockchain.

Main Features of Sirius Chain:

Transactions Between Chains:
They are transactions between two Sirius chains which can be public or private.
This type of transfer between chains has multiple economic uses.

It is a pair of keys that consists of two types: private key and public key. It has a deposit box in the block chain that only you can modify with your key pair.

Allows exclusivity in the chain for your business and your assets in Sirius Chain.
Start with a name that the user chooses and that will appear as unique in the Sirius Chain ecosystem.

Aggregate Transactions:
It is the combination of several transactions.

They are a way to store personalized data, which can be added, updated and deleted.

Multilevel Multiple Signature:
It is an agreement between multiple parties. The chain has expanded this function to facilitate multiple levels of agreements, making it more useful for systems that require a workflow or a comprehensive approval work process.

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