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When we talk about a cryptocurrency platform, we only think that the best option is only those that use Blockchain technology, this is justified that the risks and insecurities offered by centralized networks tend to occur constantly. However, centralized networks can contribute a number of factors that can help notably in the operation of the Blockchain. That is if you combine the good characteristics of a network with good characteristics of another network you can get a benefit for the entire ecosystem that makes up the internet. You can obtain this combination of these two worlds of technology, centralized networks, and decentralized networks thanks to ProximaX.

ProximaX What is this wonder?

ProximaX is the most valuable alternative to integrate integrated and distributed ledgers ("IaDLT") with components of centralized networks such as peer-to-peer storage, transmission, and database. Proximax has the security, flexibility, speed, ease of adoption and integration and profitability, this thanks to its blockchain component, but also has a high storage capacity, data distribution and media transmission that are related to The technology of centralized networks. Proximax combines the best of these two technologies to offer it to you, don't you think? ProximaX uses a series of outstanding features to achieve the most attractive and productive innovation for this Internet ecosystem; these are 1) Proof-of-Importance (PoI)perfected by NEM; 2) Proof-of-Storage (PoSt)for measuring allocation of distributed disk space, and; 3) Proof-of-Bandwidth (PoB).

How does ProximaX work?

Basically ProximaX works under a fault-tolerant P2P cloud design and a distributed database that is connected to nodes, this will allow data security and confidentiality. When using a distributed database, the information will not be on a centralized server, which will allow for consistency and integrity in the platform.
The implementation of a DSK of easy handling and understanding will allow creating any DApp that the developers want under the combination of a P2P structure and blockchain technology.

The special thing about ProximaX.
ProximaX has a unique operation, implementing integrated and distributed ledger technology ("IaDLT") together with API-driven architecture. ProximaX has the following features:

• Stored and hosted in decentralized networks of the private or public chains.
• Synchronize and organize files automatically.
• Secured and supports multiple devices.
• Share without problems.
• Optimized data recovery from an efficient database system.
• Trust bases integrated into technological solutions.
• Flexibility in design.
• Monetizing the content created.
• Choice and freedom to filter, mark and remove inappropriate or illegal content.
• The content is transmitted directly to users without exposing identity and IP, thus maintaining privacy.

Let's look at the ADVANTAGES of ProximaX

Incredible cost savings: ProximaX allows you to create applications without having a high knowledge of blockchain technology.

Highly scalable: ProximaX allows a large amount of data flows, information and transactions in a guaranteed time.

Highly configurable: ProximaX has a public blockchain that is integrated by consensus protocol and a private blockchain for business customers.

Highly secure and transparent: ProximaX contains blockchain technology in its DNA, which allows transactions made to be secure, reliable and transparent.

100% availability: Because it is not located on a central server, the information will be available at any time it is needed.

Speed: With the implementation of P2P, any transaction that is made will be very fast.

Easy to use: ProximaX has a large number of programming languages, so you can create numerous applications in an easy way.

Flexible: You can chain any type of network.

The reasons for using ProximaX

ProximaX has several important reasons why making use of this innovative solution is the most convenient in these times. Proximax fights and leaves behind certain factors such as:

Security vulnerabilities: With the blockchain technology implemented, Proximax will avoid any malicious activity that may exist on that platform.

Excessive dependence on a central entity: ProximaX provides easy-to-use tools without a central server while allowing clients, users and developers to free new applications.

Downtime and system failures: With the implementation of a decentralized network, the transactions and operations carried out are done faster, since with this technology the transfer of defective data is verified and purified.

Costs and scalability limit: ProximaX does not concentrate on a single central node the information, in the same way, the presence of intermediaries in a centralized network causes a substantial increase, this does not happen with ProximaX

The threat of censorship: ProximaX gives you the freedom to monitor and observe the content of your interest, without exercising control to your advantage, which is the opposite of centralized networks.

The Opportunities in ProximaX. What protocols? Layers of services?

ProximaX has endless opportunities since the NEM platform is based and focused on Blockchain technology. For the operation of ProximaX, there are protocols that allow endless decentralized services. DFMS P2P file storage solution based on IPFS. It is based on a distributed file management system (DFMS) storage. This storage is encrypted and fragmented by files on a P2P network. With a P2P network based on IPFS ProximaX, it has the following benefits: High availability, Fault-tolerant, Deduplication, High performance, Clustered/Distributed, Immutability.Access offline content (caching), Multihash protocol. HTTP Web API service. Real-time transmission with the PeerStream Protocol (PSP) It is a protocol that indicates and allows the routing of privacy in each transaction. PSP provides ProximaX: Presence grouped/distributed and transmission in real-time. Private and anonymous routing. Creation of distributed content. Blockchain - NEM Catapult, the next generation of technology ProximaX has a Blockchain-NEM Catapult technology that allows the participation and inclusion of users to this network. Similarly, Dapp developers will be able to create applications and a monetization model for a flexible and reliable economy on this platform.

Consensus protocols
These protocols allow voting, governance, harvesting and rewarding nodes that provide data and information for network storage. There are three main protocols:
Importance Test (PoI): Allow you to see how many tokens and how many transactions the user has made.

Storage Test (PoSt): Allow storage and viewing the necessary space required by the user for the service he needs.

Bandwidth Test (PoB): Validate the contribution of the nodes of the P2P Network.

What benefits does Blockchain technology bring to ProximaX?

File hosting services: This will depend on the users. For example, if the user is a business client who wants to synchronize and organize files automatically and privately in a protected environment. File sharing: You can share files without any problem, knowing immediately how, where and for that data to be used. Content creation and monetization: allow the creation of DApps for any need that is presented on the platform. Content control: It will allow the filtering of offensive and illegal material. Users in some parts will have control to make these requests for illicit material. Secure multimedia and message transmission: ProximaX will guarantee anonymity and privacy. Only end-users will be able to observe content that will only be directed towards them. Know your customer (KYC): It is a security and privacy measure that ProximaX adopts to identify fraud or malicious nodes.

The economy in ProximaX?

It will be based on a monthly or annual assignment or subscription so that users can get XPX tokens. In this part, several layers of the Blockchain will be included, but one of the most prominent is the “power” layer that allows users to exchange on the Blockchain. ProximaX Monetization Parts ProximaX Nodes (Blockchain + Storage + Bandwidth) (ALWAYS PAID) ProximaX decentralized application developers. (DApp) ProximaX users (content providers/creators)

Use Case

A business-oriented company to secure furniture and real estate has great difficulty handling a large amount of data, information, and storage. Similarly, the information found in your customer database is very important as it puts customer privacy and security at stake. Another point to work is the continuous updating of personal data as well as the inclusion of new customers. That is why the Board of Directors of this prestigious insurance company decides to use ProximaX, as it has the necessary tools to attack the problems presented by this company that is in the world of insurance. ProximaX with the Blockchain technology the security and privacy that customers need as well as with the P2P network the necessary storage capacity for the data handled by the insurance company.


ProximaX is a union of two worlds for the creation of a complete innovation that allows users to have security, privacy, speed in transactions of Blockchain technology and the storage and data flows that a P2P network can offer.

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