ProximaX Platform NEM- Based Decentralized Application review

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ProximaX is a propelled expansion of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with utility-rich administrations and conventions, controlled by #NEM blockchain.
ProximaX combines blockchain, storage, streaming and a propelled agreement calculation to empower a rich, across the board stage for more extensive cross-industry application and decentralized application improvement.
The blockchain industry is robust that for a new project network ProximaX is the new-generation of successful projects. Instead of focusing on different blockchain technology, ProximaX is a set of tools for developers to use in order to build their applications while taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology. they must offer the whole package smart contracts, like software development kits.
ProximaX offers advanced services such as video transmission, identity, IoT services and Robotics among others, but to offer all these services it is necessary to know the basic aspects that ProximaX uses to make all this possible. The essential basis of ProximaX is its Blockchain called Sirius Chain that holds the entire project together.
The world has never been this associated. Individuals from different places on the planet are currently ready to work together, execute, make, and convey more than ever.

Be that as it may, the quest for network and association has an expense. Everything and anything that we do in the web produces information and data. We have such an extensive amount it that what we really need currently is a space, a capacity huge enough to safely store all the important information that we produce.

There are difficulties in protection, secrecy, information security and trustworthiness, and incorporated frameworks in this web age. In spite of the fact that there had been endeavors by the private web related associations to determine these difficulties, the arrangements give off an impression of being specific and just outfits towards their business thought processes to the detriment of customers' interests.

Sirius storage

It is a DFMS (Distributed File Management System) system that allows binary data to be stored that are protected by several owners chosen through the consensus algorithm. Each binary data is divided into fragments and are encrypted. Each storage node is identified and encouraged by the work done.

Sirius Database

This is only offered as a private service, and is designed for those applications that need a database. However, it can be used simultaneously with the other public services, that is, using a hybrid configuration without affecting the quality of the services.


There is barely nothing one cannot build with ProximaX. It is super coated with spices needed to birth ideas into reality. The Super Contract function otherwise called "The Executor" like the Ethereum smart contract will contain set of instructions/protocols that will facilitates execution of transaction, verification etc across the network. ProximaX will have a self-owned smart contract. With this, developers can build both centralized and decentralized exchanges (i.e P2P exchange) like IDEX, e-commerce like (OLX ), legal website etc.

Sirius Content Review

It is another of the public services offered and this allows content managers to use review processes (based on consensus).

The Solution

ProximaX is an Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology (IaDLT) development platform with its multiple plug-ins held together by a common blockchain protocol that provides incentivization, identification, message recording, state management and asset exchange.

ProximaX takes advantage of the services offered by varying blockchain platforms: from large storage to high speed to large throughput to foster the creation of varying applications.
The sweet truth is that all aspect of ProximaX is consumable, backed by the fact ProximaX can execute both storage and streaming functions. Consumers can access core services on ProximaX via the accessible application programming interface (API), and the software development kits(SDK) technological features which are both multi-language.
This is a big difference in ProximaX, because the team behind this platform, has worked hard to solve this problem, starting from the visions of other platforms and thus reinforcing those projects, making them much better and efficient, in addition to adding other consensus and programs for a better development of ProximaX, such as the development of Sirius Chain or the Proof of Greed process.




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