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What is ProximaX?

ProximaX is a project working in the blockchain cryptospace. ProximaX is more that a mere ProximaX Sirious blockchain. In fact it is a lot more . If you look at the infographic below you would see that there is a whole range of services that can be built with the ProximaX eco system.

11 -lists.jpg

ProximaX stands out from the crowd

What makes ProximaX really stand out from the rest is the fact that almost all blockchains are designed and build to do a particular task and give a limited freedom to use them.
So if you as a business or as a developer wants to conduct business or build a dApp over the blockchain their is only so much that you can do.
Infact you are limited by the vision and the ability of the blockchain as was envisioned by the developer or the team of developers.

ProximaX on the other hand has a very different approach. It believes in giving freedom to those who want to build projects over its network.
With this ideology it gives a set of tools which are the core functionalities and can be used in projects on a Plug-in services.


ProximaX offers a wide range of services to implement as per your project needs so if you need smartcontract, scalability , IOT , SDK's you need not jump from one block chain to another as has been the case as different blockchain offer different features.
Here on ProximaX one all the features in one place with the ease of use and cost effectiveness built into to the system.

A lot of people feel left out by not being the pioneers in the blockchain space. They feel they have lost out on the opportunities that the first movers had.
However ProximaX gives them the opportunity to be on the same level playing field with other players as users of ProximaX can use the Plug-n-Play feature to build what they want.
This lowers the learning curve, saves time and cost and shortens the time to take the project from the concept stage to the market

A ProximaX use case

Joe works in the IT field. As a budding professional he wants to start his own streaming service. He wants to use create a blockchain based service. He has talked to a number of invertors who have agreed to fund him if he can show a working prototype. Another bone of contention is the debate between centralization and decentralization of the project.

So Joe is stuck as to how to show a working prototype in such a limited resources that he has?

Joe comes to know about ProximaX and is excited to see that streaming can be implemented as a plug n play feature so with easy to implement branding he can demonstrate a working idea to the investors.
He can score some brownie points as by using ProximaX he and the management has the option to keep the project fully centralized , decentralized or decide upon the level of decentralization they want to have.

The biggest advantage is the cost. If Joe and his team were to build the service from scratch there would be a lot of time spent in conceptualisation, design coding and testing of the service.

On the other hand Joe has a ready to implement service on the ProximaX Sirius chain.
What that means is that with a ready to implement and market solution with easy to implement coding Joe and his team can focus and resources in other fields.

So with ProximaX streaming is not the only thing that Joe can do. One can build social media platforms and services like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even Steemit and start a whole range of services be it centralized or decentralized.

If one thinks that these are the only things one can do then check these already implemented use cases
KYC implementation is already being implemented and so is the implementation of an online office version that can give the branded centralized solutions a run for their money.
These are not the only things you can do. With the easy to use plugins and SDK's one can build anything over the ProximaX Sirious blockchain.
Or for that matter one can easily build a new blockchain with ease.

The cost of building

The cost is a function of the services on offer. Some of the core services offered are
database etc
For the purpose of per unit cost they are defined as

  • Storage units (SO) - One unit represents 1GB stored per month
  • Streaming units (SM) - One unit represents 1GB streamed between users
  • Supercontract units (SC) - One unit represents one supercontract code executed
  • Review units (RW) - One unit represents 1 XPX worth of paid content

The initial service unit rates (which are subject to change) are as follows:

  • 1 SO = USD 0.004
  • 1 SM = USD 0.02
  • 1 SC = USD 0.000005
  • 1 RW = USD 0.005
    Anyone who understans the business logic behind these services would appreciate and acknowledge this reasonable costing .

The Native Token XPX

XPX would be use to transact with the ecosystem and would be used as a medium of exchange for buying and paying for core services
Internally it would be used for

  • pays for services
  • As the Units of measure of the services performed over the protocol
  • For exchange with custom tokens which are created by users for building dApps
    Externally they would be used for
    End user payments both crypto and fiat would be settled with these tokens.

An internal exchange would function to facilitate smooth transactions


The entire ProximaX Ecosystem is build as a POS blockchain and is highly energy efficient, cost effective, easy to use way to build any project over the blockchain.

For more information Please refer the lings below

ProximaX Additional Resources


great potential it holds for us

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