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Maayong Adlaw Steemians!

Proud Steemian here! 😁

I saw my Wallet today and smiled.😂


It's only 14 days ago since I posted my first blog, my introduction, #introduceyourself. I know it's too early to rejoice but I am thankful even it is just small.

I know patience is a virtue. That's why I'm patiently making blog everyday and patiently waiting and hoping to profit from it even for just a little.


I know someday, the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars will smile back at me and turn my wishes into reality.

The advice I can share for New Steemians like me is to continue doing your passion and never give up even if you gain only a 0.001 in every blog.

Be inspired and don't get discouraged!

I remember some time ago, I read a quote, I don't know who's the author, saying "An extraordinary people are just ordinary, they only have an Extraordinary Amount of Determination"

Be grateful even in small ways. Share now your #gratefulvibes story. Join the @gratefulvibes community by @paradise-found.

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Daghang Salamat Steemians!

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