True Africa ~ Indigenous Dwellings of Africa

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Lets have a look at the various indigenous dwellings of South africa

Tswana Tribe

The Tswana people Live in a Rondavel hut with a cone shape roof , the floors are cast similar to methods of many other of the African tribes. a Clay and cow dung mixture often mixed with ground up ant heaps, forms the clay walls and the floors, the floors are then smeared with ox blood and then polished to a pristine shine.

The SAN People of Africa

In the dry season the san huts are no more than twigs covered in a sloping grass encasement, however in the rainy season these huts are reinforced with tree branches dug into the ground in a semi circle then bent at the top and tied together, smaller sticks are then weaved into the framework and then the hut gets a couting og grass thatching for isolation and waterproofing.

The Khoi People of Africa

branches are placed in a diameter of between 3 and 5 metres, the branches are bent over then tied at the top, reed mats are then sewn to this framework using bark threads.

Xosa People

The Xosa dwelling is referred to as a Rontawuli, this is a circular hut made of wattle and daub or stone, which is then covered with conical grass. This structure has a center pole running through the thatched roof to center and strengthen the structure, and has a raised threshold.

Zulu Tribe

the frames are errectes by semi circular arches that cross each other at right angles - this job is reserved for the Zulu Men, and the thatching done only by the Zulu women. the thatch is secured by a series of woven ropes that run in a over under pattern through the thatch. The entrance on average is no more than a metre high, meaning that it is needed to stoop to entre.

Venda Tribe

This Hut is made from mud or clay a thatch roof is made on the ground then hoisted up, the protruding stick on the highest point of the roof is said to keep out mythical evil night visitors

Southern Sotho People

These are a more modern type dwelling made from clay bricks and is then highly decorated.

The Ndebele People

These Dwellings are also one of the more modern type dwellings normally oblong and made from sunbaked clay bricks and mud, reinforced by lats, with a distinctive "cone on cylinder" type thatch roof.

And Now you know!

Image & Source:
AA South African Book Of the Road

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