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Data, a big part of human life since the introduction of the internet has come a long way in defining how human relates to the internet. Humans have had to divulge so many personal and sensitive information (data) in order to have an enjoyable time online and as proven in this dispensation (the digital age) everyone needs to be online.

The Internet has brought a lot of opportunities to the human race in diverse ways, ranging from providing ways of making money to being a hub of information as well as socialization, the internet is the new world revolution.

The problem with giving up too much information, however, is that we have no control over those data from the moment we give them out, and what this means in turn for us is that we open ourselves to dangers such as privacy invasion, information theft, data abuse and all. To buttress my point about the importance of data, hacking has grown tremendously in the last few years, with these hackers always trying to access the database of big companies to exploit and manipulate their data to their advantage.

The existing internet protocol suite provides end to end data communication that specifies how data should be organized, addressed, transmitted, routed and received but it does not specify how data should be used, leaving data exposed, abused and easily bought and sold between 3rd parties.


Cova is a new internet protocol of smarter data that learns from its users, remembers and knows when to keep a secret and many more. Cova allows data owners to compose a data usage policy that specifies how their data is expected to behave, enforcing the policy by code through a machine-enforceable data usage policy called the "Smart Policy". With its three (3) core components; Centrifuge (COVA's new programming language that writes data usage policy with code), CovaVM and TEE (COVA's new execution environment that enforces what is written by Centrifuge), COVA is set to bring in a new order on how data is utilized.

Use cases of a Smart Policy include:

  1. That my Snapchat photo may only be rendered individually and not be processed by facial recognition.

  2. That a shopper’s mobile GPS data may not be used with her other data to construct an intrusive customer profiling.

  3. That a patient’s CT Scan may be processed by an aggregate function and not rendered individually.

  4. That my credit card number may only be used once for a one-time charge. It will be erased from the server after the payment is completed.

  5. That my password is salted and hashed before being persisted to a database.

  6. That these text messages can only be viewed after tonight.

  7. That this ebook can only be shared 15 times.

  8. That k-anonymity or differential privacy is applied before my data can be used.

  9. That only specific open-source libraries can be used to process my data.

  10. That an ad or disclaimer has to be viewed before my content can be seen.

COVA is an open source project and its source code can be accessed in GitHub through this link

For more on COVA Internet Protocol, visit these links:







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