Protest against the steemit mangment

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Hello, everyone.

Yesteday i post below post on steemit and in reaction management remove my 7 post and reduce my power from 47 to 44 and no reason in the these 7 post which post each day i spend on every post 1,5 SBD for promotion they reduce my power and remove my posts and eat my whole week earning and what spend on those posts are this justification are this beauty e an social network 

where they eating money from clients shame on Mangment and on there it means they don t want to extend the network are they doing like this.

i am on my words this network is not social and not decentralized this network is for those who are investor what message will go to the public, 


great post, alidervash as usual!

Your posts haven't been removed they have been down voted, or flagged, because the content has been found to be copied from somewhere else on the internet. If you did in fact write them yourself then you should go to @submarine and give them proof that the content is yours. They will then remove their flags.

It is not acceptable in many cultures to try and make money from someone else's work, so if you make sure to only post your own writing then you will have no more problems.

I hope this helps.

That is good suggestion thank you how I prove them kindly explain how to prove what they need post are what?

You'll have to ask them, this isn't something I deal with.

shame on them this not good going.

No, shame on alidervash for plagiarism. That's why the posts were downvoted.

How shame on when you people selling votes are that good then shame on you steemit

steemit is like sweet purchase from the shop this all for investors every one takes something from somewhere when explaining the source then why this?

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