Episode 756

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Full Metal Ox Day 691
Renaissance Year Episode 756

The Hoes of Davos

Ardern is out as PM of NZ. Half of those scheduled to show up at Davos bailed out or just didn't show. The truth apocalypse will reveal who the bad guys of the planet are, but the big story is the escort services available to those planning the next global disaster. This truly is a crazy world in a crazy time. I find my sanity in the gym, which we also share with you. Enjoy & subscribe.

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The Devil's Chessboard

This month's audiobook is a must read. It's about the history of the CIA and includes all, or most, of the (known) dirty tricks, coups and assassinations, including JFK. This is in two parts. It might be a little or a lot disturbing. This is essential reading for awakening to the history of the United States.

Library links.
A pretty good description of fifth generation warfare.

Important history regarding vaxxines:

The End of Germ Theory

YouTube: The Fitness Journey

Monkey Bars Business Session 02

Back to the bars. New routine. New moves. New strength.

Gymmy Jamm Season 3
Episode 16

Episode 15

Episode 14

Episode 13

A basic explanation of terrain v germ theory. Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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