Time management - review of the four quadrants of time by Alex Czarto

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Everything we do in life can be classified under URGENT/NON-URGENT and IMPORTANT/UNIMPORTANT.

According to the first quadrant IMPORTANT And URGENT, this are very important thing we should spend time on but not too much. In other words instead of keeping them till they turn to emergoences one can attend to them quickly before they turn to emergencies we can't avoid.

For the second Quadrant; IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT this is where we should spend most out time. It involves planning, recognizing new opportunities, prevention etc. This would lead to a better life and proper use of time. Because one has to prepare in advance, thereby preventing crises and emergencies. For instance living healthy to prevent sickness or reading your books way before your exams.

For the third Quadrant; NOT IMPORTANT but URGENT Most of us spend most of our time here confusing the urgent things for important which leads to very short time to plan for other things. Most times we set goals but can't accomplish because we spend most of our time in this quadrant.

For the fourth Quadrant; NOT URGENT and NOT IMPORTANT this is regarded as time wasters. It would lead to depending on others for everything which is not good, this in turn leads to irresponsibility.

It is important that we reduce our activities for Quadrant 1 and spend more time on Quadrant 2. Thereby reducing the crises and emergencies in our lives. As such we should avoid procrastinating. Time management is of vital importance to us as humans and should be treated as important.

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This is well written @edimay. Following the rules of this quadrant will surely help us set our priorities straight. Thank you for sharing.

Meanwhile, you need to get your tags right so your posts will reach the right audience.