The Beauty of the Flounder

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I don't really know if these are flounder, but I can speak authentically on flounder used as a verb. Here's a great screen shot straight from the Dictionary: (maybe a bit lazy, but mostly because it made me laugh and was so full of instant mental pictures reminding me quite accurately of me!)

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 4.12.09 PM.png

It's not that I was necessarily interested in much more self-reflection today - the universe has been putting on quite a live-reel action show for my viewing torture! Earlier this afternoon while wrapping up my swat team errands - (the way I endure shopping) - NO distractions, GET outta the way, NO questions of staff who know 50-90% less than me, self checkout when available, and RUN for the car!) even that didn't work today as I passed streams of shoppers heading for the Entrance. All of a sudden, it was as if the movie in my head just stopped. The whole experience was something between a Fellini film and Raiders of the Lost Ark. I could only laugh at myself, at the insanity and absurdity of 'life in the city.'

I won't humiliate myself going on about the rest of the week - only to say flat tires, frozen computers, and a window that won't stay open all fritzed their way across my observing awareness. The + side of all this? It drove me often and deeply to breathe, meditate, and get OUTSIDE. Repeat.

My favorite part of the flounder definition? Go to the last word on the screen shot above. In BLUE.


It's a beautiful word. It's not used enough in my experience. I intend to change that.

And the beauty of flounder?
That it feels SO good to stop the struggle!

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