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Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies. Is Astronomy the same as astrology? Oops, friends have gone wrong. Astronomy is to study celestial bodies but not to predict financial let alone love. Astronomy comes from the thinking of people who think about how the universe was formed. Broadly speaking, Astronomy uses the science of mathematics and physics so that all events that occur in space can not only be observed but also can be understood and modeled. In addition to mathematics and physics, software development, programming, model analysis, and statistics are also used and done here. The Astronomy Study program itself consists of three areas of expertise: Solar System, Star Physics, and Galaxy and Cosmology. In the course of his lectures friends will get a lot of interesting science as in the lecture track Satellite that more leads to Astronautika, Introduction Instrumentation Astronomy which introduces advanced instrumentation technology in Astronomy, and Calendar System which later can be used also for the determination of the new moon, the determination of the beginning of the month on the Islamic calendar system. In the field of the Solar System, friends will learn the solar system and its "family members". Also included are planets, asteroids, dwarf planets, and others. From the knowledge of the planet can be derived again other sciences, including the composition of the planet's atmosphere and satellites, until the search for planets outside the solar system that can be inhabited. In the field of Star Physics we study the evolution of stars, how stars form from birth to death, and how stars are spectral. Galaxies and Cosmology include the composition and form of galaxies, interstellar matter, quarks to the development of the universe. The lecture in ITB Astronomy course is also supported by the existence of Oservatorium Bosscha as an Astronomy laboratory that has been established since 1928. The laboratory for the students of Astronomy itself is actually an infinite space and untouched hands. From there we can degrade data that could only be observed to be calculated, great is not it ?.
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Bidang penelitian
Di Asia Tenggara, negara-negaranya yang semakin sadar akan pentingnya Astronomi, membangun jaringan yang dinamakan SEAN (South East Asia Networking). Dipercaya bahwa Indonesia akan menjadi pusat SDM untuk jaringan ini karena Astronomi ITB masih merupakan satu-satunya pendidikan formal ilmu Astronomi di Asia Tenggara.
Bidang pengajaran
Menjadi tenaga pengajar terampil yang dapat meningkatkan minat siswanya untuk mempelajari sains.
Sarjana Astronomi dapat menjadi penulis kolom dan editor pada majah-majalah maupun jurnal sains, serta menyampaikan konsep-konsep sains dengan cara yang kreatif.
Bidang lain
Selain bidang-bidang di atas, lulusan Astronomi juga dapat berkecimpung di bidang-bidang lain misalnya sebagai analis sistem pengembang perangkat lunak.

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