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RE: EVENT📢 (up to 100💸PGL reward): Prospectors are now live... 🎮 How do you find it?

in #prospectors2 years ago

Incredible... I am forced to think that most of the people after this game... is either only interested on making money out of it... or that this is just 0.0000001% of what the world know.

Either way I am really pissed off to take the effort of offering MORE than I should give... and even then... it is not enought to bring NEW players. All it makes me recall is that crypto now is just like it was 5 years ago... but worse... because people "Think" they can do the same scammers did back then.

(many may still be able to do it... but it will be drastically reducing... and I will do all I can in my daily life to help it... educating people, and showing anyone can still "explore" and be sufficiently educated to make great and secure decisions)

It sucks that the interest only goes up when the price goes up... SHOUTing! 📢 it's when the "cold" catches you, that things get interesting... if you think... not... then you are missing it!

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