Prospectors Gameplay Day 5 Progress

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Prospectors is a Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy Game.

Day 1-4

Day 5

Today I was able to get enough resources to start the Sawmill.

Prospectors day 5 - sawmill.png

Prospectors day 5 - sawmill2.png

I choose the sawmill building first, most buildings require wood boards, wood girder, and wood beams so this building can easily make you money quicker, and also help you build other buildings cheaper and faster.

Step one will take 10 days and 10 hours to complete. The more workers that join the quicker the job will get completed. Getting additional help is the hard part, most workers want high paying jobs.

Prospectors day 5 - sawmill first step.png

Today the rental prices is 218,840 gold, that's 305% increase from day 1.

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