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Prospectors is a Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy Game.

Day 1, I was able to get a golden ticket to start on the 26th of June. I moved all my characters to the south east of the map to explore and choose the right location. It took about 5 hours for them to arrive, and I choose three locations that are connected.
1 KM = 10 minutes, keeping all your land connected saves time.

Prospectors maps 2.png

Day 2 & 3, was pretty much stacking resources for for tools and buildings. This game is all about strategy and time, if your looking for a fast-paced game this is not it. There is 3 steps to build a building, each step takes 250 hours, but you can have six workers that will do 300 minutes with tools to speed things up. Yep, do the math on that.

Prospectors maps 3.png

Day 4, this is the final day of stacking resources for the building. I'm also making tools today with the resources.

Prospectors day 4.png

Today you can also notice buildings popping up in the center of the map. Those people did not have to travel five hours to their location. I will assume on day five, more building will show up around the whole map.

Today Prospectors was open to the public. I noticed a flock of people heading to jobs, and asking many questions on telegram how to play.

Prospectors maps 4.png

It very simple, if you have lots of funds you can buy tool, plots, and if you don't you'll have to take a transportation job. Read up on the Academy page on how to make tools, and open up "Messages" to chat and make some friends.

Rental prices increased from 54k to 200k within the four days. Lets see what the price will be tomorrow.


Welcome @bola! Cheers to that and have some !BEER mate!

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