Man on the moon.

in prose •  5 months ago 

Looks a bit lonely up there.

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Flagged for copy/paste.

I don’t care if it’s Creative Commons. It shouldn’t be the sole content.


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @enforcer48.

  • copy/paste
    Your post mostly contains copied material from a source or stock content and is not your original work.

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  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

It is not the sole content, I added underneath it.

The same footer over and over again? Okay.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

That is my footer dude, I had it made for me and I paid for it, I use it as part of my identity and branding, and you want to flag me for using that?

Kindly remove your flags as I have done nothing wrong. You are being used and influenced by another, namely, @dunstuff.

see here's thing bro. you went and flagged all my content... for what reason?
id moved on from you having fucked me over.
im resilient like that. but then u decided to come back. because some shitcoin u were a part of didnt work out.

and first day u got back, u started flagging me... for no fucking reason.
and now ure putting out shit content... the stuff that if i wrote, u would flag, and ure getting flagged for it by people that also believe its piss poor content, nd u wanna get ure back up?

man up.

u attacked my work, bt then when someone done the same back to you, u bitched to the people at partiko sayin someone was harrasing you.

so whats good for the goose isnt good enough for the gander?

stop flagging my fucking posts just cos ure a petulant child, and the shit will stop.

u dont like my content? dont look at it.
its really that fucking simple.


Dude, what fucking "work" are you talking about? This? This is the work?
Literally a screen grab with no words. Also, why haven't you credited the images? You took them from a website. You didn't create them. You didn't alter them. This shit you are posting is literally the definition of spam and plagiarism and low fucking effort. And you want to bitch about an open source image?
Let me just head over to steemcleaners.
Thought maybe a flag or two would make you ramp up your efforts. Guess it just made you bitter.


You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

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Got beef, come get some.

Also whatever you just said made no sense whatsoever, nor is anywhere near the truth, get your facts straight and stop spamming shit/show some commitment and maybe you will get somewhere. Perhaps you should put in some real work instead of leaning on everyone you can and then stealing from them when they finally cut you off.

You are the worst kind of victim complex because you perpetuate your own cycle of stupidity. As soon as you start to get anywhere you self sabotage so people feel sorry for you and then you can pity party some more and extract value from them, be it attention, cigs, pot, whatever.

It's pathetic. You say be a man, I laugh at the irony of a child telling another older soul to grow up.

  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

stop spamming my blog with irrelevant content.

And you just said you do not care if I'm following copyright law or not, you are flagging why again?

come on man, the community expects more from YOU.
where's your source?

!flagged for plagiarism @steemflagrewards

Why are you unable to realize this picture is creative commons, open source and free for commercial use?

I follow the community guidelines.


It worked!!!

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

And for no citation required, No attribution required <---

License for Images and Videos – Pixabay License

Images and Videos on Pixabay are made available under the Pixabay License on the following terms. Under the Pixabay License you are granted an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty free right to use, download, copy, modify or adapt the Images and Videos for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Attribution of the photographer or Pixabay is not required but is always appreciated.

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You want some come get some.