The banned book of evil...

in prose •  2 years ago

And there on the table lay the book of the trust
Opening it scatters the dust in the shafts of sunlight
A sense of foreboding fills the room

Do the shadows seem deeper?
Is the room colder?

This was the sought after tome
Fear, loathing, and dread accompany its name
The forbidden knowledge, the banished words

Shaking my shoulders to shirk off the chills
My eyes dart to the first dark inky tendrils on the pages
I steel myself to prepare for the horror
Legendary horror is said to reside in these pages

The greatest evil book, its secrets long ago vilified
Infamy incarnate these words of the vile
That which should not be known, information occulted

I feel a little tremble as my hand rests upon the inner cover
I can feel the grain that only can come from a books age
Fear grips me as I consider I am acting in the incorrect

I should not read this
I may end up dead or in a cell
Or my soul will go to hell

I strike my own face to clear my head.
Read damn you, read!

I know this book was banned at the time of equality
I know this book was banned to insure diversity
I know this book was banned to maximize tolerance

I allow my eyes to focus as I glimpse those first dark words
The title sends chills down my spine
This is the real deal.

That title simply says...


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Great post.
Good luck!

Necronomicon, simply an encyclopedia, but somehow history has two sides, decided by the victor, not the victims.