Coinbase Earn style Videos for Steem

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I am requesting funding of 700-2000 SBD to pay a Fivver (or in house video Animator) to create style videos that explain the Steem Blockchain. Any leftover funds can go to paying for video advertising and or $0.50 or even just a few steem each, that we can give out to new accounts that signup in the style of Coinbase Earn. The important part is we create some videos that explain steem in a fun and memorable way using soft animation and a comforting voice to explain cryptographic blockchain technology that many people are interested in but just need the proper video to teach them.


This is a mockup I made in my free time to illustrate how our own Coinbase Earn campaign will appear. I simply used the EOS videos as a template. is a website from Coinbase that teaches users about the blockcchain with short videos and then distributes cryptocurrency. Steem needs a video in this style.

We had only this single out dated video for a few years but it does have 225K+ views:

untill @steem-marketing aka andrarchy came along and helped create an updated version below.

@andrarchy did a great job all on his own making a high quality video but I think he needs more help as one person can't tackle this problem alone. SPS funds can be allocated for a simple video or video series, in the style of Coinbase Earn where the first few hundred users can even signup and earn 50 cents worth of steem, if we have the funding.

But this video sadly only has 487 Views as of Sep 5 2019 so if any SPS funds are left over from this project, they can be used to pay for youtube advertising for that video as well as the videos i am planning here.

Here are the examples of the Coinbase Earn videos for EOS that I hope to re create , in a new style, but for steem.

I will let commenters vote on the subjects for the steem videos if we have more than one. But I was thinking we could start with a single video encompassing 3 or 4 main categories about steem, and then 3 or 4 more videos 2-3 mins each that go over each category, similar to the style of Coinbase Earn except our first video would go over everything in case that is all we end up making :)

I was thinking the 3 or 4 later videos could be a video about the Dapp aspect of steem, a video about the social aspect with explanations of curation/delegation/etc , a video about the blockchain speed and capacity, and a video about the future potential of steem with steem-engine steem monsters, showing off FCAS scores, stats and information on how steem leads in dapp activity among all other dapp platforms, eth and eos included. We should focus on the stats that steem is strongest in, and I think the video should write itself but I would request help from the community finalizing scripts but I have a few in mind. I have an extra 100 INV from I can even offer to create 100 accounts for new users so if $200 in steem was left over I could even offer the first 100 people who watch the videos and take a quiz , some steem over discord or telegram where we can enable phone verification.

Thank you for reading this proposal and I will be making updates as time goes on and will log significant changes in the comments. The video can be made with any number of video production specialists but a simple fivver animator should be sufficient for the purposes of creating simple Coinbase Earn style videos that explain steem. A good script will also need to be written and I believe 1-5% of the 700-2000SBD should be sufficient for this

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you earned a penny from me.

We have that already man...

It's called @SteemSavvy ;)

lol nice plug... but we really need this + money to promote videos...and videos bout why "low" steem price is good for us

i need to work on ctp marketing on instagram twitter reddit. u got ctp reddit yet?

hey i support it but still a long way to go to 7 million sp lol


we have 7 days lol

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That will be great as i believe it will give steem more exposure needed than before