What to make of all these dire predictions concerning the economy?

in prophecy •  3 years ago 

There is no shortage on any of the media platforms whether it be TV or You tube or around the water cooler. Who is the best predictor? And if there prediction is indeed right is it really worth taking the same thing in over and over day in and day out? I personally do believe that we are in very interesting times, but I will not allow myself to make a prophetic comment about what and when things are going to happen. Should we be prepared? I think it is wise to do what you can and then leave the rest up to God Almighty. Truth is He is the only One who knows what is coming in the future, strangely enough because He is outside time and space and therefore not limited by His own creations. If you think that everything that is going on is too much for you then probably you are right. In this case we may need to make a conscious decision to lay it at Jesus feet and ask Him to take care of us. He will do it, probably not in the way you expect, but after all He is God and we are not. Stay calm my friend.

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