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The only way to stay in contact with these people, you must build a relationship. As long as your head is in the right place, you’ll be okay. What I mean by this is, if you want the admiration for the good strategic reasons. If you're trying to get admiration because it will boost your self-esteem, then we have much deeper problems on our hands.

Here are the key fundamentals on how to acquire influence:

Be friendly and cheerful.

Nobody wants to be around people who’re negative all the time.

People like people who are positive and enthusiastic.

Abraham Lincoln once refused to hire a man because of his face!

He said: “Everyone over 30 is responsible for their face!”

So get all the dead faces out of your life and practice being cheerful and upbeat.

Show your appreciation for others.

They will like you more.

Always look for ways to help others.

If approaching the water fountain, let the other person go first. Not only do you get the appreciation by giving letting them go first, but they will also always feel rushed, and you get the longer drink.

Be agreeable and active with others.

Nod, smile, agree, ask questions, don’t judge, this cost us nothing and it makes others feel good.

Show your admiration for others.

Compliments; nice shoes/tie/hair etc.

Compliment traits, and praise their accomplishments.

There is always something you can spin in a positive light.

Listen to people when they talk.

Focus, ask questions and hang on every word.

Listen as if it’s the smartest thing you’ve ever heard.

When people are listened to, they release mood enhancing endorphin.

People will want to talk to you more if you’re listening, they will start to talk about their personal life, you get to know them better.

Before long you’re friends.

Never criticize, condemn, or complain about anything.

Refuse to gossip or say anything in a negative way.

Destructive criticism only leads to destruction.

Nobody likes a negative cry baby.

The glass is half full will get you more pull.

Accept people the way they are, 100%.

When you look at people and give them a genuine smile, they feel better.

Stop worrying about yourself and the impact you make, and think of others and the impact they’re making on you.

Relax, take a deep breath and smile at people.

Be courteous, concerned, consideration.

Practice this with everyone, have sensitivity.

When people entrust you with something, give the feeling it’s critical to you.

Make sure people feel better after being in your presence.

Make everyone feel important and worthwhile.

You leave a good impression with people, and that adds up.

Practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a purely selfish act.

It’s not saying what happened was OK, quite the opposite.

You forgive people so you can feel better emotionally, it has nothing to do with the other person... Using your mind at the highest level involves learning ways to forgive people indeed.

Grudges are very detrimental to your life in general, but especially for your career.

Find reasons to accept responsibility.

Don’t shy away from the spotlight or the hard work.

Be the person that you would call if you needed help.

People will trust you more if you’re willing to volunteer to be responsible.

Make decisions.

Making decisions makes you better at making decisions.

Next time someone asks: “Where do you want to eat?”

You make the decision!

Any decisions, big or small, go out of your way to make them.

People naturally gravitate towards someone who is decisive.

Firm handshake.

A firm handshake oozes confidence. Double that with eye contact, and you can send a powerful message without having to say a word.

Strong handshakes are a power move and instill you’re not shy or uncertain. It’s a clear sign that you are meeting them, and present.

My rule of thumb is, come in with a firm handshake, not a crushing handshake. Be careful not to come in with a weak handshake, as your hand can get overly crushed as examined below.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves a palm print on Britain's Prince William’s hand, after giving him a crushing handshake.


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