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in promotion •  2 years ago
Steem's train goes full steam ahead

Burn debt, promote posts and shake up the Promoted section a bit.

Your Vote Counts

You can find the details in this post and in previous #steam4steem posts as well. Also, feel free to ask me in the comment section.
In short, I will use 90% of the posts' reward to burn SBD by promoting steemians' posts that someone thought worthwhile to promote already.

This week's base amount per promotion is 0.335 SBD.

Thank you for supporting the network (it's me and you) with your vote! Don't forget that you can vote effectively for a whole week after the post was born. Since there is only one post per week, you can help a lot if you reblog this post (especially when it gets some days older).

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It's a great initiative... I just wish the "Promoted" section were working properly; there are "old" posts from before HF-17/18 still in there, and I don't think it's supposed to work like that... unless I missed something.


I do not think you missed anything my friend.



They are there because with the HF we have only 1 payout now, and the promotion tab uses the longer from the past 2 payouts system (30 days). The new posts are only there for a week. The old ones will disappear soon (HF+30 days).
Which is great, that anyone could promote a post until the payout. That was only 1 day in the past, and 1 week now, which is an improvement IMO.

I still appreciate this work you are doing, stopped in to day hello!

Have a nice week.