My Promo-Mentors Writing Challenge

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Hello steemians , on my journey through my newsfeed, I stumbled on this contest organized by @futurethinker to write about a most memorable experience. I've had so many experiences but I would regard this one as the most memorable one.

Sometimes I believe in fate, other times I believe life is a product of the things we do but in all, I can only say life is worth living, its value is just priceless.
It was raining heavily late that evening, drops of water pounded the roof like stones descending from the cloud. We had gone to bed early, my mother patted my younger sister gently on the back till she fell asleep while I laid on the bed pretending to be engrossed in a deep sleep, at least I didn't want to be scolded for not always sleeping early which was becoming a part of my life I couldn't overcome.
I shared the same room with my two sisters and my twin brother. Immediately my mother closed the door, I jumped out of bed, grabbed a novel I was feeding my eyes and mind on since afternoon. I was nine but I enjoyed reading stories, poetry books and romantic novels as much as I loved bread. I know you're probably rolling your eyes thinking of what a nine year old girl knew about romantic novels, at least I wanted to explore the world through different minds.

There I was, leaning on the wall carefully going through the pages of lone star blessings by Bonnie K. Winn when I noticed my brother moved across the bed at intervals. I knew him to be a deep dreamer, he barely moves if he's so asleep so I dropped the book, got closer to him and noticed he was sweating profusely. That was strange because the weather was too cold due to the heavy rain that fell that evening.
I dashed out of the room, beckoned on my parent to follow me, we got back in to see him shaking terribly. My father held him, rushed him to different clinics but none was still working as at 1am, we scouted for the best way to sustain him till morning. He struggled for breath for some minutes, held my hands and tried to force a smile while we all watched him with panic on our faces and tears in our eyes.

It was the first time I watched someone slowly give up his breath. We had rushed him to various hospitals in our locality , it was quite unusual to seek for medical help at that time of the night and expect to find it. After countless efforts to keep him breathing, he slowly let go of my hand and succumb to the wind of death. My father cuddled him all night, it was hard to accept someone could transcend beyond this world in just a moment . Truly no one knows the worth of life till he loses someone dear. Some months ago, I was reminded of the incident, I grabbed a pen and wrote a poem in memory of him

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I had wrapped his skin under mine
When dusk arms stretched wide into the day
I twisted a part of me into his frame
Caught the mild whisper of his heart like an echo under my chest cavity
As the blue sky broke down into a shade of black

Then in the fall of the night
I laid beside the broken sculpture seeking for redemption
Held his withering hands and felt no life in me
I breathed into him and my breath dug my bones in pain
Scratching my dry lungs as I forced the flow

Then darkness unveiled in a day
A part of me fell
And I fell along with him
I watched his face drenched in pool of tears
His lips forcing last words slowly from his dying breath
And in the awakening of his absence
My feeble mind whispered the words of a bereaved one "it is well"

I was hurt, I barely talked about once having a brother, sometimes pain is not worth remembering. Though I still feel his absence everyday, a hollow no one has filled but I'll live to make him proud of his twin wherever he is and I'm happy I stayed alive. I'm of the opinion that every occurrence in life has its reason, and that event changed my perspective concerning life. It gave a purpose to live for, a goal to pursue and I've learnt to stay focus to attain the goal.
Being from a background that had everything going on well regarding finance, I felt life was all rosy but when I experienced pain, I could understand the groans of others.
Some experiences are just to mould us into a better person and it's left for us to harnass the lessons learnt through them in a right direction.

I'm grateful to @futurethinker and @promo-mentors for putting up a contest like this.

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You're doing well here, keep working hard

Thank you, just learning from you😉😉

Lol me? 😁😁😁😁😁😁

The poem really touch home. That was a great loss. I pray for strength to you and your family. May he rest on in Peace.

Thanks for stopping by @lordjames, we are better off, no one lives in the past

I'm sorry for your twin brother. I Hope you will be reunited with him one day

Thanks @futurethinker
It is my hope that we'll meet again someday

Oh wow. What a deep and powerful story. I simply can't imagine the hurt and pain you and your family must have gone through at that time.

It's hard writing about such experiences. Kuddo's to you and may you be re-united with your brother one day :)

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Some experiences are just to mould us into a better person and it's left for us to harnass the lessons learnt through them in a right direction.

This is rightly said, i am really glad that you are really a strong person and that the lessons from this experience is helping you focus and attaining your goals
Cheers @estherikott