As we prepare the slides for the Steemit Presentation ready for The London Investor Show on Friday 20th October, here is a taster of the slides.

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Presenting #Steemit at The London Investor Show

As we prepare the slides for the #Steemit presentation at The London Investor Show on Friday 20th October, here is a taster of the slides.





Opening Slides 1-8.png



Session Details

The presentation will be made by Dylan @Anarcotech, Matt @Starkerz and myself with Ashley @AshleyPeat and Tomas @TomasGeorge supporting the Audio and Video and Project Managing the event.

Please Register for your Free Complimentary Ticket

Once again, I am very grateful to be given the opportunity by The London Investor Show to showcase #Steemit and at the same time being offered free complimentary tickets worth £25.00 to users on #Steemit.

If you are available on the day please register for your free complimentary ticket.

Please register at using the code: STMT2017.

#Steemit to present at The London Investor Show on Friday 20th October



London Investor Show Speakers.png

Speakers Bios

Stephen Kendal

Dylan Leighton

Matt Starkey

Conference Room 1

Please help promote The London Investor Show

As our way of saying thanks, I have agreed that we will do whatever we need to promote The London Investor Show on #Steemit and I am reaching out for your support to help us achieve this goal.

Promoting The London Investor Show on #Steemit is a small price to pay for us in return for the opportunity we have been given to showcase the platform.

Once again, if you could share this link as a support for The London Investor Show for giving us this great opportunity it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.



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That's a huge task ahead of you and the team. Wishing you the best. You got one blast on Facebook from me. Please keep up the good work!

Awesome. Thanks for sharing this on Facebook. Stephen

Wishing you all the best at Steemfest !👍👍👍❤❤❤

Sadly I have had to cancel my trip to Steemfest out of lack of funds. I spent far more than I should have on promoting #Steemit and sadly have had to pull the plug on funding further promotional activities. Each of us that are presenting #Steemit in London are paying for our own expenses and mine alone will be over £320 for travel and accommodation. I am looking forward to going to Steemfest in 2018. Stephen

oh that's to bad im sorry to hear it ! I definitely can not afford it either ! I hope all goes well in London for you ! ! 👍❤

Very good my post,,

Thank you. Stephen

thanks for you too ... my friends always want to follow you, my friend help visit my blog buddy .. i have upvote and resteem posting pal.

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

great material boss:-)

Thank you. Keep up the great work you are doing in promoting #Steemit. You are doing a great job and we all appreciate it. Stephen

This is going to be awesome for a presentation Stephen. A Smart investment for sure

Thank you and thank for the support. We are all very excited to make the presentation in London on the 20th. Thanks again for the comment and support. Stephen

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This is fantastic! Good luck, enjoy, and congratulations!

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I really hope you don't mind the link and would take advantage of my offer :)

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