Steemit at the London Investor Show. Just over 2 weeks to go

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On the 20th October, I will be speaking at the London Investor Show with fellow #promo-steem and #promo-uk team members @stephenkendal, @starkerz and supported by @ashleypeat and @tomasgeorge providing tech backup AV recording and project management.

The title of the Talk is "The evolution of Social Media. Presenting Steemit as an Investment Case running on the cutting edge technology of the Blockchain."

SPECIAL STEEM OFFER: If you would like to come, we have a great offer for £25 off entry at the event.

Please register at using the code: STMT2017

For full details visit the offical show website here


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Shared on twitter. Catch up with you all on Friday 8pm. Looking forward to showcasing #Steemit in London on the 20th. Stephen

Good luck to #promo-uk. You guys are doing a great work.

Excellent stuff!

The #promo-uk team are doing a brilliant job. Well done all!

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