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Yeah, We want you. We want to grow on steemit together, We want you to help other newbie users, We want you to make Bangladesh Steemit Community strong. As you guys know I am from Bangladesh and I am attached with Bangladesh Steemit Community AKA @steemitbd. If you Don't know about our community Read this post 👉 Why @steemitbd is the best communication for Bangladeshi Newbie Users. (Find Out Here). We are Arranging several Competition every week. Now we want to Announce Another Contest 👉 PROMO-STEEMITBD 👈 . Our main goal is to bring every Bangladeshi steemian on the same hood And help each other. SO what are you waiting for ?? Join our Discord Channel Now :

CONTEST Rules for Successful Entry


  • Upvote this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Bangladeshi steemians.
  • Be Active in Steemit Bangladesh Community Discord channel.
  • You have to give short details about our other contests.
  • You must use #steemitbd & promo-steemitbd tag.
  • In the entry post, you have to write that you are participating in promo-Steemitbd contest.
  • You need to use our community Logo & Footer with Discord link.
  • You can share our Community Hangout Screenshot on your post.
  • If there are less than 5 Participants then there will be no promotion contest for that week.
  • Contest entry timeline : Saturday to Thursday
  • Winner will be Announced on Friday hangout.

Prize : Winner will get 100% vote & re-steem from @zaku and @steemitbd AND also get 1SBD As a prize money

Community Footer & Logo for promotion:


Steemitbd logo [gif]


Steemitbd Logo


Steemitbd Community footer



None of Bangladeshi steemians has large amount 10K SP at least. To support the community, we need more development of the project. We need meetup and may other community work together here. It will be highly appreciated to have support from any of my followers here.We receieved 100 SP delegation from @guiltiparties, 101 SP delegation from @jackmiller and 50 SP from @derangedvisions And our Community founder @azizbd Delegate 500SP to @SteemitBD recently. We appreciate their support and we look forward to supporting more Bangladeshi users on steemit. We have proxy as steemitbd if anyone would like to share and we need more delegation to offer free upvote to bangladeshi steemians. You can also join our witness proxy by clicking here

50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP
That's all for now i hope every Bangladeshi will join this competition. Best of luck everyone.For more info Join our Discord Channel:

Thanks to our Amazing Community team : @azizbd @ayasha @sabbir1213 @reazuliqbal @sourovafrin @anikaa @sfturzo & many more.

Image Source: Click here & Logo Created By: @calumam

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Quite a nice contest!


This post has been upvoted from Steemit Bangladesh, @steemitbd. It's the first steemit community project run by Bangladeshi steemians to empower youths from Bangladesh through STEEM blockchain. If you are from Bangladesh and looking for community support, Join Steemit Bangladesh Discord Server.

If you would like to delegate to the Steemit Bangladesh, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

50 SP, 100 SP, 250 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP.


@zaku We are Here as You call. We've long realized that when understudies like themselves, they are considerably more liable to wind up better achievers in the classroom. Encouraging can-do mentalities and building understudies' certainty by setting them up for progress and giving positive input along visit applaud are basic instruments for the two educators and guardians. Consider yourself, the more certain you feel, the better you feel about the job that needs to be done and your capacity to do it. At the point when a youngster is liking themselves, it's substantially simpler to rouse them to end up scholastically capable.

Keep it up..good job..

hello @zaku vai
really steemitbd doing great work!

Good use of image of

It is must appreciable post, I like it but why you are focusing only on Bangladesh community. I humbly request to please express your experience with the International community so that you are appreciated at global level. It would be beneficial for you as well as all the global newbies.
Best Regards.

This contest should be for everyone.

@zaku very nice work. you are making good community for Bangladeshi steemains.if every steemains follow this plan then there's reputation will goes up. keep calm and do hard work

I'm new here how to grow in steemit.

you are doing great work??

zaku, I m not Bangladeshi Steemian, How can i participate in this contest?


This contest is only for Bangladeshi.
Sorry for inconvenience.

It is great opportunity for bangladeshi and newbie.

bro we will grow steem together for sure , i will start communicating in every competetion from now on, lets make steem better, kindly explain me and help me further

Congrats! this post is very use full for everyone and you are good one to shared with us. Thank you @zaku

Yes sir I agree with you that @steemitbd doing great work.

Great idea. Help each other to grow together.

@zaku nice to see you are helping bangladeshi community to grow. as i am from India so if you can make me join in your that bangladeshi community then that will be great moment for me. i will be thankful to you.

we all love you bro..keep it up👍👍

your afford inspire us to givemore in this community brother seriously!
as i don't bluff i speak from heart ^_^

Do you have like a video to explain this better. Wouldn't mind


Do you have like a
Video to explain this
Better. Wouldn't mind

                 - gbemy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I don't think it is required.
Everything is written in understandable words.
If you are Bangladeshi, feel free to join.

I am not from Bd but I am a big brother from India Can I be Yur community member


Yes you can we welcome other country user as a guest


Then plz give me a link

Hey there! I upvoted you and followed to show my support. I am new to the steemit platform so please in return you follow me and upvote my post to help grow each other. Actually I'm still preparing and navigating how to used DLive but soon I will. Cheers!

my best friend is Bangladeshi :)

what if the candidate is not from banglades?


This contest is only for Bangladeshi.
Sorry for inconvenience.


Bro good job keeps it up. Read my blog @jkgautam75

Its really great opportunity for all of Bangladeshi.
Thank you for such good support @steemitbd

Awesome project

hey I am from india, but I support you

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Really nice contest post @zaku! Its true we all Bangladeshi steemit community by supporting mentality can bring Steemit higher!

Happy Steeming!
Happy Blogging!

very nice contest,

this should not be focused for one particular country and instead you should have opened it for all. Steemit is public platform and promotion should have also followed the same trend and anybody can participate. isn't it ? whats your say ?

Great job Zuku but question is why are you separating us?
We are all steemit group, we love each other and specially you also.


We are not separating anyone, In future we will organize contest for global users also but at this moment our first priority is helping Bangladeshi user.Thanks

bro i have upvoted you in the past , i am not asking for upvote now , however i am working on my reputatoin, once i improve my reputation to 40 i will start writing post , for now i need ur facebook ID or any other ID so that in future when i write BLOG i will ask for upvote kindly help and support

I also agree that great idea go ahead

this is only for bangladeshi or for everyone......


This contest only for bangladeshi steemian

good i like

hello good initiative

Excellent information my support with my vote.

Congratulations @zaku!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 416,3

Excellent information

I like your spirit of liking your fellow steemit bangladash brotherhood

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Together, we put more action on Hope!

To be honest my steem power is end...
plz upvote me

Very funny Imagery 😁,almost making me wish I'm from Bangladesh

beautiful article i really like your colorful page...

many contest don't know were to participate

bro i have upvoted you , i am not asking for upvote now , however i am working on my reputatoin, once i improve my reputation to 40 i will start writing post , for now i need ur facebook ID so that in future when i write BLOG i will ask for upvote kindly help and support

nice idea

ভাই আমাকে কি আপনাদের গ্রুপে নিবেন।