Ibadan Blockchain Conference Experience

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Today was wonderful as a lot awesome experiences were witnessed at the Ibadan Blockchain Conference which took place today (26th of March, 2018) at the Ibadan Business School, Bodija in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


The event saw the gathering of many experienced and laurel minds who shared to empower the audience and you could tell there was abundant assimilation of what was learnt.
There were interesting talks by renown speakers about the crypto-world, open question and answer segments which were very helpful, several opportunities, give-aways of which I was gladly a beneficiary etc.


A great deal of knowledge was gained and everyone in attendance could attest to the fact. Beyond words, the program was worthwhile and with this opportunity, as an attendee, I wish to express my gratitude to the organisers and all who labored to make this a success today. Thank you so much! We appreciate and value what you have given. For More knowledge = more empowerment. Thank you!
U5dsdpnE7QpFSzWpBCRNnUftnNgwaha_1680x8400.jpgsource: @tojukaka

@yowanetwork and @aerick

Special appreciation to all organisers, speakers #blockchaincentreng @tojukaka, you are good!
@aerick @marpemusic @japfive and all I salute the blockchain fam. #blockchain

-@yowanetwork (convened by Shalom'Shalom)


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Always grateful to have you around. We appreciate your kind support.

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This is such a great initiave, glad to see the world is embracing technology and Africa is taking part in it.
Thank you for sharing your experience :)

Thanks alot dear. We are so glad about it.

Its so sad i missed the conference, any info when the next is coming up?

It was indeed a good time, I haven't gotten word about the next from blockchain center, (the organizers) but I am sure they will reveal even on their instagram which is: bcc_ ng

Fantastic. Lemme go follow em.
Good to meet you bro, hope to learn fron u tho

Nice! Way to go! What did you learn?

We had several range of talks and some of the words staying with me include;

  1. Every trade on the blockchain and price fluctuations are affected by the news somehow, so we must stay updated if there is any hope of prediction or smart decisions.

  2. In this field, it is very easy to even loose alot of money, but the thing is, if you didnt trade, you couldnt have actually lost, so we must know when to trade..

  3. It is very important and a vital part of safety to actively belong to a working blockchain network, community, group etc where one can always clarify...

I learnt these and much more than can type now.. It was worthwhile

Thanks for the info brother.

Oh thanks alot too for following us, we always appreciate. Hope to see you more often

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