Special night "Love, music and poetry" - Join us!

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Last Thursday we had the pleasure of receiving in Voto Venezuela the talented photographer @miguelmederico, who masterfully showed us useful tools to use our phones as photography professionals to get amazing images everyday.

Master Class: "Fotos con tu celular" con @miguelmederico

And now to celebrate Valentine's Day we bring you an activity that will be full of magic!

Portada Noche Especial.png

Love moves the world, move our lives and takes us to a better place, when we love ourselves and those special ones who add positive energy to our lives, every day becomes a great adventure. Let's celebrate love!

In Voto Venezuela we are pleased to invite you to a special night "Love, music and poetry", a space where we will enjoy the talent of three great artists of the world of music, who share their art on Steem blockchain, they are @edwardstobia, @elisonr13 and @exoelias, they promise to give us melodies that will go straight to our hearts. We have also asked them to read us poetry!

Cantantes NOche especial.png

We will also be joined by @marybellrg, who with the charisma and sweetness that characterize her will talk to us about: The art of loving and being loved.

Marybell Noche Especial.png

Do you want to join us?

Join the Voice Room (Voz) on our Discord

Thursday, February 13th 7:30 p.m. (Venezuela.

We invite you to bring your #challenge post from @theycallmedan Who am I following in Steem and why?

We are at your disposal for any inquiries about this or any other topic of interest to you.

We'll wait for you!

All participants could win Voto Venezuela upvotes.


Let's go to the party!!😝

Com mucha alegría alli estaremos para disfrutar juntos una noche muy especial. Un abrazo grande para todo el team de @votovzla

Would love to be there....

I could also sing a piece

Excellent work