Yesterday's Tweet about Sportstalk, Steem is Getting some Awesome Attention

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Tweet link

Hours ago, I made this tweet to promote steem and @sportstalksocial. The Content had it that within 4 months, the SCOT tribe has helped users to mine over $14 million.

That is huge just for creating sports related content. Certainly, this can only be obtainable on a platform of Creativity like steem.

Within 4 months, sportstalk has proven to be a viable token of the steem-engine. I hope integrating #SPORTS token to Steem's Smart Media Token would be simpler as it has an acceptable use case with many users already.

I am of the opinion that we concentrate on specific content Promotion of Steem to help Prospective users have a glimpse of where they can actually fit in with their skills and interest set.

Let's keep the fun and Promotion going...

Share a valid #sportstalk link on the comments section and earn some good curation. God bless you!

You can join my Sportstalk Curation trail here

I am always proud of my communities on steem





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Great contribution bro

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