Tours to the Thermal baths in Aceh Besar (IE SEUUM)

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I just updated the article because I have a little busy in the real world, the latest article that I update about tours (ie seuum) or hot water located in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar

Although Aceh is very famous for the beauty of the sea, waterfalls and forests, but it turns out Aceh also has other interesting destinations. Ie Seuum is one of the attractions that source its hot spring comes from Seulawah Mountain. Ie Seuum or Hot Water.

I spent more than 1 hour to get to the tourist spot ie seuum or hot water. To reach the Ie Su'um baths, there is no need to cross the Malahayati Port, just a little via Pertamina's Petroleum Terminal, turn right on a slightly uphill road. From the main road of Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar to Ie Seuum tourist sites or hot water must pass through the mountains so beautiful, so visitors do not get bored in the journey.

Upon arrival at the location of Ie seuum or hot water, every visitor can immediately see the atmosphere of the hills are still beautiful, unspoiled with the hands of mischievous humans. In addition, on site also available a number of complete support facilities. From kiosks to food vendors, huts to relax, toilets and even mushalla are also in the location of Ie Su'um, so visitors need not hesitate to visit here.

hopefully you like the tourist spot ie seuum or hot water located in aceh big.

please advise and criticize you in my article because of your suggestions and criticisms that are important for me to correct the mistakes


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Es un lugar muy interesante. Saludos

i think it may guiduly you alot...
beautiful pic one
its looks like a hilly place

Wow.. Interesting place to go to.. :)

thank you, you have to go to hot water tourist place

What a nice post. Good information. Thanks for sharing.

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I was in the trip in the thermal baths. It was perfect experience!

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Aceh is the best ie suum

Mantap bg, mari kita perkenalkan aceh ke dunia. you got my upvoted :)

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It is wonderful place

in addition to tourist resort,i think this place potencial to build geo thermal power place ..

Saleum dari lhokseumawe :-)
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mantap that lagoe

its about nature @urlme