Radio show at AKBC 90.5 FM- Uyo was a success!

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Steem on!

It's Monday the 15th of April, 2024 and it is a fresh new week, but guess what happen last weekend? I was at the radio station AKBC 90.5 FM Uyo to talk about the "STEEM lighting Africa project", "Steem electrical" and the future of STEEM and trust me, it was interesting.

It was actually a session of the interviewer being interviewed😀. As the presenter of the Interview showcase, It was a privilege to be interviewed by a super Journalist/radio presenter of my state radio station AKBC - Uyo.

And it was a great feeling talking about STEEM and Steemit to such a large audience. Yes, a large audience. If you check the population of my state Akwa Ibom, it is said to have about 7,200,000 people according to statistic.

Due to how high this antenna was and the hot sun, I couldn't lift my eyes, It could blind me.

The radio station was also heard in other states and that's like an additional audience. Interestingly, my parents called to say they heard my voice on the radio 😂. I've never discussed going to the radio station to them, so, it was all a big surprise to them. I wouldn't want to imagine how they felt😀.

Life is short, make good use of it while helping others, do good while promoting Steem.

The session was interesting and lively. The presenter was friendly. It looks like we have known for years, but NO, we just met and it happened that way.

During the session, I let people know that STEEM is free, you don't have to pay anybody a dime to join the platform.

I also highlighted the important of creativity and passion while using the Steemit social media platform, it shouldn't be all about the money as this could create false expectations and disappointment.

I mentioned that Steemit needs original and quality contents for public consumption and that plagiarism is not accepted as there are penalty to such actions, however, that all who have passion for what they do can step forward to showcase their contents on Steemit for free.

Ofcourse, it wouldn't be complete during this session, if I didn't mention that we also have space for investors. So, I did mention.

Picture gallery

After the show, I took pictures with the presenter and my friend, King Douglas Comedy.

I needed to reply all my messages before the program started.

Other interesting activities that happened

There was a call session where people were given access to call through the studio's phone line and speak to me directly during the program. Text messages were also sent to commend and also to make enquiries. After the program I was still receiving so many calls and responding to text messages.

After all these, I was just thinking, would there be any good thing coming out of this to STEEM? You may be surprise, but let's watch out. Something is coming up!


Due to the technical issues experienced yesterday on the radio online streaming link that I shared some days back, the live streaming on that link wasn't captured. I was informed when I got to the radio station just few minutes before the program started and as such, I wasn't able to pass the information again.

However, you CAN'T miss that program because the recording of that program is available on my YouTube channel 😊.

Would you like to see how it went Yesterday?

There you go...

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It's good advertising for steem

Thank you for stopping by.

I am just trying out new things , hopefully it could help to create more awareness.

More coming up!

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This is extraordinary. This is exactly what Steem needs, to get our blockchain mentioned more often by traditional media. Your activity will benefit both people and the blockchain. You bring light to people 😀 (in all senses of the word).

Your words are so encouraging, thank you so much🙂.

This means of promotion catches alot of audience of different categories. Hopefully there would be some positive results.

Greetings to you.

Yesterday was a huge success, many steemians here in Uyo enjoy your presentation at the radio.

I can imagine how surprise your parents where at that moment. I believe lt gladden's thier heart. Thanks so much for making steemit platform know in our state.

With steemelectrical,we will steem to the moon, l wish you more and more blessings and success.

Glad to know that many tune in to 90.5 FM radio Akwa Ibom during my interview session.

It's a promotion on a different level. Hopefully, it can give STEEM the publicity it always deserved.

I know my parents were surprised and happy as well.

More to come....

I'm so proud of you keep doing what is best for steem

Thank you so much.
I rather get it right or not do it at all. I rather give the best or back off entirely.

Listening to you speak on the humanitarian service you render to our young generations and promoting steemit on the state's radio has made my anticipation come true.

A year ago i was wondering if steemit can not be brought to lamp light on radio. But you cleared my doubt.

Thanks so much for making that through your talk show on radio. More blessings shall continue to be yours.

Let keep steeming 😁

You are really doing a great job in advertising Steem to the world actually and this is all what we need to do. We need to keep promoting Steem to the whole world to actually see and make use of. Our world needs it.

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