Steem Ibadan Meet-up: AMA with Tojukaka, Fisteganos and Samstickkz

in promo-steem •  2 years ago 

This is the Q and A session or AMA(Ask Me Anything) session with @Tojukaka, @Fisteganos and @Samstickkz.

I hope you enjoy watching this.


Where there is darkness, I'll shine the light.

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Job well done guys. I hope I had enough time to meet up with my members as you guys but I think for now discord will do. Keep inspiring us.

Wow.... This was really fun. Just like truth or dare.. Lol. Nice one @tojukaka

Somethings can be underestimated but not @tojukaka's love and passion for the creation of awareness of the Steemit movement... I salute you sir..

It seems that Ibadan meetup was really one of a kind. I'm here in Uyo and I've not stopped feeling the vibes since yesterday. Great job @tojukaka and your team. May more money flow into your pockets

Still on the matter. Ever green Steem meet-up. Weldone almighty @tojukaka

See greatness all in one!

So much energy and value in one place. Great going guys...I learnt a lot and met lots of great Steemians. #letsdomore everyone

Wow.... This was really fun.