Help Steem in 30 Seconds

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Here are five action items you can do in 30 seconds or less that can help Steem!

Action Items:

  1. Like tweets & follow Steemians on Twitter. Use this link to find people using the #STEEM hashtag on Twitter and like their Steem tweets! Be sure to follow &

  2. Help get the Quora Space "Steemian Roundup" to its first 1k followers by joining here:

  3. Join the Steem Telegram to get breaking news and converse with the Steem community in real time: Steem: & Steemit:

  4. Join the Steemit Reddit here:

  5. Leave comments on Crypto Youtube videos asking them to look at Steem.

Can you think of any other ways you can help Steem in 30 seconds or less? Drop ideas in the comments.

Got 30 Seconds? Help Steem!

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


There's a decent amount of Steemian on Instagram too. Check out the #Steem tag there, to like posts and find people to follow -

I also tagged a bunch of people in the comment section of this IG post by @creativecoin -

Facebook has a lot of potential people. We need to share to Facebook.

I second you 💯

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It's fine to like STEEM tweets, but retweeting at least one a day is better and shows engagement. ReTweet with comment to add more engagement.

Another place to find good tweets to interact with is searching the #cryptocurrency tag. Lots of good people are tweeting there who do not know about STEEM.

  1. Bump the Ann thread over bitcointalk, which I just did sharing a link to your post 😂

How about creating an official page on Linkedin if we don't have one already? This site is being used mostly by professionals, so a Steem page there could attract from potentially good devs to name it.

It def takes more than 30 secs but we need more exposure...

Additionally, we can also join the Steem community on uptrennd

You can powerup some steem in 30 seconds.. I will powerup 100 Steem NOW!!

Hey Dan, I recently found out there is a large community of people in my homeland (Czech Republic) that is (quite desperately sometimes) looking for any kind of online income. The community is mostly made up students, women on maternity leave, housewives, unemployed etc. and they gather at several major chats and online forums were they share their experiences and tips on how to get some online gigs. They are often willing to spend long hours on filling some crazy online questionnaires for literally a few dollars or even dozens of cents for example. I am sure blogging on Steem could be much more enjoyable and profitable for them and I am thinking about launching a special campaign in the Czech Steemian community to target on the forums where these people gather and educate them on what Steem is and what it has to offer. I am pretty sure there is a lot of these people in other countries too. To me, it sounds like an interesting sector of the cyber space to plant the Steem seed into. What do you think about it?

  1. Vote @burnpost (also consider voting other posts which send a significant portion of their rewards to @null, or alternately @steem.dao)
  2. Downvote vote-buying/selling, self-voting, vote-trading and other schemes which direct inflationary rewards out of proportion with value-add and increased demand.

Steem is inflationary by design, and this can, if used effectively, help distribute stake and increase the size of the pie, but it only works if the inflation is directed in a manner that increases the value of the entire platform/economy, increasing the price. Too many rewards directed to profiteering, and too few downvotes stopping that from happening, ruins it for everyone.

Applying this idea can increase the prize of steem

Who will give them 50,000 Steem?

Who manages to steem.

We should create a big steemit group and page then invite our friends which should be used for sharing good content creators not for self promotion. That would be another good idea to promote steem. Even we can create a Telegram channel and share good content not self promotion and invite lot of friends to join the channel. Hope they can know about steem. Because Telegram is very friendly platform to promote steem.

Sadly I don't see other guys like you asking to support Steem on other platforms.

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On Facebook you need to know how to make large ranges. I know people who only advertise their businesses on Facebook and Instagram.
Writing steemblockchain normally won't do much, and it won't reach a large number of people. We should use these social media more often. I have the impression that some of you are stuck on steemit only. 2020 time to change!

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WTF is a facebook 🙃

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Facebook has a potential to let people know about steem. Maybe a commercial in Facebook, actually I always talks about steem in my Facebook. I even shared my post into Facebook so that they will be aware what is steem.


0. retweet the twitter hashtag including #steem #steemnetwork

Steem ♨ On !
with L💙O💙V💙E !

I have been thinking about the 777twitter campaign and how effective it was in bringing steemians together and promoting steem in our own capacity. The cryptocurrency community is quite active on Twitter. I believe if we can leverage on that with a more defined campaign we can create a buzz around steem. There are every good project on steem that need such promotions and which a good promotional campaign they can partner, reward actions that are actually adding value to the product

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Tag twitter user who yet on STeem

I logged back in to Quora for the first time in ages and gave it a little share on Twitter too. Anything to keep the ball moving!

Do not forget LinkedIn, that for me is a interesting community since most are working professionals who usually have money to invest and are interested in new technologies. There is a vibrant crypto community but not enough steemians by far

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That is great.... We can help others on social media to join steem by showing them compliment. Thanks sir, I'm also going to show some love just 30seconds.

I think boosting a video about steemit on both facebook and youtube will greatly help steem.

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Well so far I did a POSH Twitter post for my latest post and wow there's like almost 3k views at the moment. 😱

That should make more people curious about Steemit. 😀

(Btw, there's also for Steemit members. The #general chat room is where everyone is. Post promotion channels are there too.)

I ❤STEEM.. so , I will be clicking on the links above.. Thanks for sharing ways to spread the word about Steem

The first option that you provided I have been doing everything since last year. I have been doing it since Nathanmars started twitter hustle and everyday I check and like many tweets having #steem tag and even resteem if its more worthy. I am going to explore other options too. Thanks for sharing @theycallmedan

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Steem is amazing, it is a great ROI on this price level.
With just 1300$ you cam power up 10 000 Steem and make great progress every year.

Whenever I read someone asking for another way to monetize their content on (for example) Facebook in several groups, I drop a comment with a link to Steemit. It happened several times lately. These are the quick trying to promote steem moments, usually I spend more time on onboarding a person though.

Great tips, @theycallmedan!

I'm doing what I can using Twitter to strengthen engagement (via #posh initiative) for both Steem/ Steemit and potential new users and interaction among all of them.

Recibe nuestras felicitaciones y apoyo por la excelente labor de promoción que estás realizando, @theycallmedan.
Excelentes sugerencias !!!

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¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

También puedes seguirnos en el discord de RadioSteemit

¡¡¡Canal de discord RadioSteemit!!!

that is all valid @theycallmedan
However those thing do not address real issues that are plaguing Steem / Steemit
We still have a well funded active group who through their actions, have been making it abundantly clear to those paying attention, are not at all interested in achieving mass adoption.
End the ability to flag all with the exception of plagiarism and we will achieve mass adoption.
There may also be a case to be made against others, in these cases might is right is not the answer. There must be a genuine consensus of some kind.

At this point in time many are being flagged because they are ''on the list'' and that is a verbatim quote i have seen far to often here, which obviously indicated we have an un-elected chain of command operating. These things need to be addressed or we will never reach mass adoption and remain dependent on those who have the funds to pump the price artificially as seems apparent by the the sudden spikes and dips

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