Update Do The Promo Steem Indonesia In Mns.Geudong village Aceh Indonesia

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Helllo... steemian in the wolrd how are you today???

At this beutyful night I am comeback again do promotion the promo-steem, At this time i did promo-steem to my friends in the Mns.Geudong village Aceh Indonesia...

I choose the village to perform promo-steem because my friend in the village is earning only farming rice course. So that is i am promote the promo-steem to them.





They are love with the understanding that i have given about steemit and promo-steem. Like them so much, so that they will also undertook promo-steem to another friend. I hope with this promo-steem in steemit they are can be add earning money...

Thank to..

@steem-ambassador @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech Who has initiated promo-steem this , they better always succeeds and successful the promo-steem

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promo steem logo for indonesia


Steemians friend :

@steem-ambassador @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech @demotruk @sndbox-alpha @steemitph @kenan1989 @zord189 @smasher @shaka @good-karma

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By @tejacode

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Thanks @tejacode to do @promo-steem and I hope you always do #promo-steem and we @steem-ambassador will see your other activities when doing #promo-steem.

I really hope your promo-steem activities get a reward, hopefully account @steem-ambassador see your post

Thank to u also @starlost

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