Do The Promo-steem Indonesia In Quality Cafe & Kitchen Panton Labu Aceh

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At this beautiful night , i did a promotion to promo-steem indonesia for my friends in quality cafe & kitchen, I to tell them about how my experience in steemit And giving any education about promo-steem..

They are love with the understanding that i have given about steemit and promo-steem. Like them so much, so that they will also undertook promo-steem to another friend.





Thank to @steem-ambassador @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech Who has initiated promo-steem this , they better always succeeds and successful the promo-steem..

My Photo @tejacode

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My friend's @starlost logo for indonesia


Steemians friend :

@steem-ambassador @starkerz @stephenkendal @anarcotech @demotruk @sndbox-alpha @steemitph @kenan1989 @zord189 @smasher @shaka @good-karma

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By: @tejacode

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@Starlost has told be you will be a champion promoter of the platform. So here is an upvote which will help you a very little. Some additional advice for creativity would be good to learn things like:

  1. How many of the group are on Steemit?
  2. What are their interests are on the platform?
  3. Why did they join?
  4. What will they do on here and what will they bring to the community?
    I do also like posts which show dual-language aswell like @dilimunanzar.
    Also would encourage to only put up high quality photo's and different compositions and varied content.
  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @tejacode for doing the @promo-steem and I hope you always do the promo-steem and we @steem-ambassador will see your other activities when doing the #promo-steem.

the post is steady, hopefully more will join the steemit community

Thank to u @nurmalaalibasyah, Next to please look at writing me and please give suggestions to make better..