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RE: Massive shout-out to the Steem Community on twitter. Check out John's Tron Squad if you haven't already done so. #JTS

in #promo-steem4 years ago

JTS community really appreciate the shout out @stephenPKendal . John Tron Squad is an avid supporter of TRON and we JTS family are happy to grow together with steemit platform. John Batista from Canada a very good leader together with his wife Trina Batista. I not use Steemit for long time but now i think this is the best time to started again. Once again on behalf of JTS thank you so much. TRON+ STEEMIT = SUCCESS!


It's my absolute pleasure.

I have seen how hard the #JTS Community works in promoting #Tron and thought that at the least I could give them was a shout-out to the #Steem Community.

Keep up the great work and pass on my best regards to the rest of the #JTS Community.

You guys are awesome.!!


My pleasure to send your regards to JTS family sir, thank you once again. Have a great day to all of us.

Hi sweetcha! I, too, think this alliance will bring success to both communities!

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Hi Eric nice to hear you again, indeed hoping this partnership growing strong so that everyone can benefits. We just keep going, we doing this for years so, we deserve success.

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