We need more Promoters.!! Looking for more users to help out with the Marketing and Promoting of Steem using the #Promo-Steem tag.

Recruiting for #Promo-Steem - We need more Promoters.!!

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#Promo-Steem needs more Promoters.!!

Set up in 2017 as a fully Open-Sourced Project that belonged to the #Steem Community I am very proud to say that after 4 years #Promo-Steem is going stronger today than it ever has done.

The Vision back then was to create a Open-Sourced Project with the sole intention on focusing in on the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem.

With no Owner, no Central Authority and no Rules the measure of the value of #Promo-Steem and the work carried out by those Promoting #Steem has always been down to the #Steem Community to decide.

Over the past 4 years I have been absolutely blown away by the number of people who have used the Project and posted their Blogs to the #Promo-Steem tag.

With hundreds, if not thousands of Users over the years tagging to #Promo-Steem it has given us all the chance to reward those that are Marketing and Promoting without having to hunt for their work.

As the #Steem Ecosystem continues to develop and grow, so should #Promo-Steem.

If you are looking to help out in Marketing and Promoting #Steem please feel free to use the #Promo-Steem tag as one of your first x5 tags of your Blog.

Whether you have any previous Marketing and Promoting experience or not does not matter.

What matters is that you have the Drive, Ambition and Vision to promote #Steem.

With a Community oozing Creative and Artist talent I am once again reaching out to everyone in the #Steem Community to see if we can get more to become Promoters.

Obliviously there is no guarantee on what you could earn as a Promoter, but rest assured I am always on the look out for those that are bringing added value to #Steem through their Marketing and Promoting Activities and try and support as many as I can often with a 100% Upvote, Resteem and the occasional Sponsorship.

So if you are looking to get started in Marketing and Promoting #Steem and would like to help out with your own Marketing and Promotional Activity please feel free to use the #Promo-Steem tag and tag me in your Blog if you would like some support.

Let's make #Promo-Steem something extra special and build on the tremendous work that has been done by so many over the past 4 years.

Thanks again for reading.


Supporting and Promoting #Promo-Steem

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@stephenkendal a direct way to promote Steemit is to help people in the communities where we live. At least in Venezuela, the economy is in decline, since the state pays the state monthly the equivalent of $ 1.2 and that is not enough for them to even buy a box of Aspirin. You can imagine that to eat they must do incredible things to survive.

At least the work that @ sultan-aceh has been doing, with the help of his community to improve their living conditions, making a decent house for these families. I praise this because it is the way for people to see that behind a great platform, like Steemit, there are people who care about others and do their bit to make life a little more dignified.

I really would like you to help the old people who are homeless, at least with their medications and if possible some food. With this Steemit would be promoted on all social networks, with these great feats.

And if this type of promotion "Helping the Old Men" is approved by you. You will have all the supports of the donations and the activities that are carried out.


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I would love to work for #promo-steem sir stephen. What are the requirements? I'm active on Twitter and now will retweet your regular contents, hope it will help promoting #steem. Thank you

Great concept to grow the platform. I used to travel around the world wearing my steemit T-Shirt and talking about steemit everytime someone new asked me "What I do".

Keep up the great work!

From Koh Phagnan Thailand!

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

I also want to add that, let us invite women in helping to spread steemit. The few ladies l have motivated to assist in the promowork are doing so well. They play a majoy role in promoting steemit, just like in Ghana. Thanks for your daily support @stephenkendal


Good idea indeed sir @stephenkendal I would like to #promo-steem the way you promote it so I'm your follower in #steemit and also in twitter from now :) Thank you!

hi guys, let's do a campaign for steem promos. We have created a PromoSteem Community https://steemit.com/trending/hive-153176 for users who can contribute to this campaign. with support from @stephenkendal. let's use the #promo-steem tag in your creative and effective way

let's do a campaign on your social media


Master, I support where I can, even soon I will do something with custom steemit flannels for SPUD4STEEM and continue promoting the community in general!

I think I will redo the impulse initiative with other approaches and start being a content creator in the sense of contests, challenges and so on. All based on promoting!


I would love to work for #promo-steem sir stephen. What are the requirements? I'm active on Twitter and now will retweet your regular contents, hope it will help promoting #steem. Thank you

This is amazing and we will add the #promo-steem tag as one of the primary tags of all our Steem promo contests and programs. You can learn more about our Steem promo programs here: https://steemit.com/hive-195150/@thegreens/cameroon-steem-promo-contest-or-cameroon-steemit-program-02
Meanwhile, we are very available and ready to actively take part in the promotion of Steem.

Hello dear @stephenkendal, I have created a community to promote steemit via daily contest.
Here is the link to the community

Hello @stephenkendal! Thank you for all the work you do in Steemit.

We present you Impulse-Steemit, a community dedicated to promoting Steemit.

I hope you like it, greetings.

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This is a good initiative; it will definitely help steem to grow big; let keep doing our best to continue to spread good news about Steemit; Marjory of people scared of Internet things perhaps as result of past experience; nevertheless; we need to change that mentality.. I also initiate a contest... Tell other's about Steemit and win" I want to believe through promotion like this; people perceptions regards Internet will change totally.. They will know about a Steemit!



Although I am not regular here on these days due to my other commitment but I would love to promote steem by using promo-steem tags on my post. Thanks @stephenkendal for true ambassador and promoter of steemit community.

I know this is less than perfect than expected by for Promo-Steem and community, but I've done that for the friend where I work, thanks for support.

Thank you so much for your initiative, @stephenkendal.
I place every my promotional post about Steemit through promo-steem

Sir, I am already promoting #promo-steem on many social media and telling them about steemit. You will be glad to know that i have invited many friends to steemit and they are now using steemit.

Most people out there are ignorant about steemit and this your promo will help get people onto this platform. Keep the good work going sir.

Can I use the tag at my post? I do my diary post and share at twitter, kindly please let me know so I can add it my next post.

I avail myself as one of the steem promoters.
Thank you Sire Steph for always being the number one steem promotion advocate. We love you

You are right as always. If we all do this kind of work, Steemit will sparkle with bright colors. Thanks.

Sure, it will be full fill soon!More promoters will come forward by your post, appreciate your working.

Good stuff! Is this only for offline promotions or does it include online promoting as well?


i think we have to get away from this idea that only good content creators are welcome, i see steem as a facebook killer and not as a place where you only create good content. first the downvote has to go. it cannot be that some here insist all the time that only good content is welcome. bullshit ... I also like to see bad contents. There are always 2 options either to upvote or not to do so. what should this downvote mistake. a punishment with the downvote for using steemit cannot be a solution. that's what hive is for. go there. Everyone should be welcome at steem, even those who cannot create good content. we should be an open social platform. blogging, that's just not enough. we need a good user-friendly UI with many more options, such as a chat with an upvote function. and then we can all talk about promoting steem and really grow. otherwise all that is far too little what steem currently offers. i love steem but i could love it more if more happened.

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Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.




Boss thank you for your much effort

This is a very good initiative, and we Cemeroonian steemians have a similar promo that is the kamers steem promo powered by thegreens.

So I decided to take part in the Kamersteem promo which is aimed at sensitising fellow cameroonians on what steem is…

hello @stephenkendal check out my new project to promote steem in the Ghanaian community , i just posted it to get more point of views of the Ghanaian steemians already on the platform


I would love to work for #promo-steem sir stephen. What are the requirements? I'm active on Twitter and now will retweet your regular contents, hope it will help promoting #steem. Thank you

Amigo soy venezolana y estoy activa en la promoción.
#promo-steem me anoto y les comunicaré a mis conocidos para que se anoten tambien