Update on #promo-uk and #promo-steem, the global crowd-sourced marketing and promotional initiative for promoting Steemit and Steem.

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#promo-uk #promo-steem update

Andrarchy, message to #promo-steem community

Skype group chat

Following on from the Skype group chat yesterday evening I would like to once again thank Andrew @Andrarchy, Matt @Starkerz and Dylan @Anarcotech for their time they gave up to talk about #promo-uk, #promo-steem and the proposal for a global coordinated effort to crowd-source the marketing and promotional initiative for promoting #Steemit and #Steem.

This Blog follows on from the Blog I made soon after the group chat, and for the ones who missed it, here is the link...


Areas covered

Last night we spoke for well over 2 hours and the 20 min video is a brief summary on the points we touched on.

In summary, these were:

  1. Introduction to the group chat and how we propose to move forward with the #promo-uk and #promo-steem initiatives.

  2. Efforts of those working on the #promo-uk and #promo-steem initiatives have been recognised by the #Steemit Community and I would like to thank personally all those that have been working tirelessly throughout the world in promoting #Steemit.

  3. Proposal to roll out a #Steem Ambassadors Program. Details to follow.

  4. Promoting #Steemit by marketing the #Steem logo in conjunction with #Steemit user account URLs. There is no need to market the #Steemit logo.

  5. The proposal is to have the core #promo-uk team to sit as an intermediate layer helping to organise the new global #Steemit Ambassadors Program worldwide. Details to follow.

  6. Proposal to centralise the #promo-steem activities.

  7. In the future we propose to "decouple" promotional activities from our individual Blogs to a new centralised account.

  8. "How #Steemit changed my life" initiative and spreading the wealth of #Steem.

  9. Reaching out to anyone with a technical mindset to help with the future of #promo-steem.

  10. Proposal to create an organisational structure to coordinated the challenges of rolling out a common promotional theme worldwide.

Looking forward to continuing the journey

The last 7 months that I have been involved in promoting #Steemit has taken me on an exciting journey and one that has given me great pleasure.

After talking to Andrew @Andrarchy I am excited to say that this journey has only just begun.

Over the coming weeks I am looking forward to sharing with you the exciting things that we talked about.

Once again, a huge #Steemit shout out to Andrew @Andrarchy, Matt @Starkerz and Dylan @Anarcotech for giving up their time yesterday to talk about how we move forward with promoting #Steemit and #Steem and the challenges of rolling out a coordinated effort worldwide.

Thanks again for reading.


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This is great! Good to see that Steemit is now backing your efforts as well!

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

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That was a really great information @stephenkendal .

You rock Mr. Stephen.

Salute to team #promo-uk.