The importance of a logo on Steem

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#Promo-Steem - Helping to promote #Steem Brands and Logos on #Steem

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Helping to promote #Steem Brands and Logos on #Steem - The importance of a logo on #Steem

As #Steem continues to develop, evolve and grow it is very importance to always remember that this type of Decentralised Social Media Ecosystem has never been built before.

Contrary to what some may think that have not yet joined #Steem, the concept of building a Social Media Platform built on a Decentralised System to the scale that #Steem has achieved has never been tried before and it for this reason that those new to #Steem and #Steemit must understand what #Steem really is.

Over the past few years I talked to hundreds if not thousands of people about #Steem and a common theme in these discussions is that most people cannot believe what #Steem actually does.

Despite trying to educate people on the concept and the phenomenal potential of #Steem as what is a essentially a Global Rewards and Distribution Protocol built around a Decentralised Social Media Environment, it important that those promoting #Steem never give up in trying to reach out and educate others about #Steem.

Branding your #Steem Account

Unlike conventional Mainstream Social Media Platforms, #Steem is unique and as such Accounts should be managed differently.

For those that are here on #Steemit to simply share a few photos and stories with their family and friends, then the branding of these Accounts are probably not as important as those who are promoting #Steem.

If you have chosen to make Marketing and Promoting #Steem the Core Activity of your #Steemit Blog and have not yet begun branding your Account with a logo then I highly recommend doing so.

Having a logo is not for everyone

Though there will be some that are promoting #Steem will chose not to have a logo on their #Steemit Account, I strongly encourage those that are looking to build their Accounts that are focusing specifically on Marketing and Promoting #Steem and especially #Steemit to consider having a logo.

Micro Marketing Businesses

With hundreds, if not thousands of Accounts that are now focusing specifically on Marketing and Promoting #Steem what we have essentially here is a growing number of Micro Marketing Businesses on #Steem and by having a strong logo and brand will help you to grow your Account on #Steemit.

Looking forward to seeing more Logos and Brands forming on #Steem and especially those that are focusing on the Marketing and Promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to promote #Steem Brands and Logos on #Steem

RESTEEM steemit blog.png


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Tuan @stephenkendal

I absolutely love them.!!

These are superb.


terimakasih tuan @stephenkendal kami akan melakukan yang terbaik...


Steem is not a single name now, #steem is brand now. I think after launching the #SK token in future everyone will focus on this. People all over the world will talk about this. #Promoting steem is a regular thing for us i think. Everyone trying to #promote-steem from their situation. I like the idea of branding of #steem account, i do believe that #steemit is unique. No platform can be or will be like #steemit. And with your idea and support sir @stephenkendal the steem will never be down in future. The plan for future is matter so much for any project and i never saw or listen ideas from you, the best, unique, branded everything is perfect for #steemit. I believe #steem is a brand.

It’s very easy to understand the importance of logo on #steem to see your account. You are trying to promote #steem from 2017 and I must say you got the most success result of #promo-steem project after branding your account as SK Steem Promotions and using SK logo. Now SK has become a micro marketing and promoting brand of #steem and Its need to promote another brand or products with SK Steem Promotions.
Thank you.

Dear mentor @stephenkendal you have said it all about logos on steemit, I will also consider creating one..
Importance of logo in business and most especially in steemit/steem promotion cannot be over emphasize, branding account with a unique logo help to communicates ownership, quality, and values of the account and promotion as well as the entire steemit ecosystem.

Logos are important also because it grab attention and make strong first impression about our promo activities

With your support and encouragement I was able to embark on daily Promo activities.

Steem the first and final blockchain till now. There are many blockchain but not like #steemit. It's the only one, no one will go over #steemit ever. You said."this type of Decentralised Social Media Ecosystem has never been built before" i totally agree with you, I never see this type social media before #steemit, even no one think about it. Many people told that in the hard fork #steemit will be down but no, #steemit has it's own position even doing better day by day. All the thing in steemit like promotion, marketing or advertisement for #steemit amazed me much. Every blockchain has idea to grow but #steemit has some best. @stephenkendal sir you making the #promo-steem is the best of all advertisement.

@stephenkendal sir, I agree with you.. Many steemit users still don't know what #steem is all about. 😢

I have been working on #steemit since 2017..Everyone here has taken the income aspect as the main reason of working on steemit and it is very difficult to explain to the new people about the steem system ..I saw No one seriously wants to understand but those of us who have been working on steem They know how much it costs ..🥰

I realized that people are wasting their time on other social media but they can spend their time on Steemit also on steem if they want to shape their future.🙂

Micro marketing business was a very important concept for the #promo- steem project. Promoters are the most important part for a micro marketing business and that's why branding and using logo for a promoter is very essential. SK Steem Promotions is the example of branding and using logo for a account. Every promoters also should branding their account, so that it’s look like a professional promoter account. It will help to start a micro marketing business.
Thank you.

Branding a account of promoters is very important in #steemit. It always help to increase popularity and getting attention from others, and logo is must for branding a profile or account.
Many people will not have interest to know about a blogging site but almost everyone will be interested to know about a social media platform as #steemit. Because #steemit is very unique and profitable than any other social media. So I think we should promote #steem as a decentralize social media to attract huge people joining #steemit.
Thanks for explaining the importance of branding account and logo on #steem.

Thanks sir @stephenkendal for talking about in important issue. As more as I can say about logo, a country is represented first of all by it's flag, as such a logo represent a group, company, people or anything like that first. As flag is one of the most important for a country, logo is so important for any project. As we are member of #promosteem community, we should have a unique logo.

I have not a logo yet. But I am trying to make my unique logo as soon as possible. As at present i have no logo, i use the logo of resteem from sir stephenkendal.

Some people wants to join this platform just to earn, which is wrong. As a #steemit promoter and #steem promoter I will explain the value of steemit and steem to my newly recruit. And I will try to have my logo on my steemit account. Thank you sir @stephenkendal for this idea.

Marketing of #steemit is in big position now, everyone is doing #pormotion of steemit from all over the world. With your support everyone is doing good. #promotion-steem in some small project is more effective i think. I think we should focus in woman now. Woman also can join here, they have no restriction here. We can promote #steem for woman. If the lady member of #promosteem community can do this, that will be so great i think so. Otherwise everything is good now. Everyday we can see a lot of #promo-steem post #resteedmed buy you, they are doing so good. People should know, even the woman also. Some woman are interested but need some advise but they shy or fear talk to any person so they can talk with the lady promoter here. Good day to you.

selalu muncul ide-ide yang kreatif untuk perkembangan #steem, dan saya akan selalu bersama SK untuk dalam mempromosikan #steemit di seluruh dunia.

Muy buena idea sir @stephenkendal estoy realizando uno... es cuestión de tiempo para Timbrar mis franelas para seguir promocionando steemit en mi comunidad.... Saludos 😘🙏🤗

Logo is must to promote something properly. The #steem logo is very important for the #promo-steem project.
You really took a perfect decision by branding your account as SK Steem Promotions to support promoters and promoters should also branding their account to support the #promo-steem project.
Every ideas come from you is really excellent. The growth of #promo-steem project is gaining for your excellent ideas, strategy, hard work and obviously sponsorship.
Thank you.

As we know logos are important to represent something. Steemit is more than a brand now. I have talked to friends, my mates and I told them about steemit. Well this is platform where you can share your skills and even you can earn also. So I told them stop wasting your time on other social media platforms come and join the steemit. And I'm glad that they are also the part of this family now. Besides I'm working on making a logo so that I can promote steem.

What a co incidence, yesterday I was thinking about it but as we already have #sk logo, #steem and #steemit logo so I've designed a poster and give as always! Honestly I'm not good at designing logos but would love to give it a try! Thank you sir Stephen for sharing this idea. Stay blessed always! 💖💕❤️

As we all try to make steem most popular all over the world (the devoted promoters), we should have a unique logo so that the people who reach first time to steem and steemit, become more enthusiastic to join here on steemit. Moreover, we must make our own account a brand of #steempromoter. And for this purpose we must have a logo.

It is really important to have a #steemit logo on every profile user and even in other social media. To get attraction and attention from friends and colleagues. These may includes also on new comers so that it has a uniformity of profiles. This is a good idea sir stephen.

Using logo on a account make a new brand for that account and It's make easier to find their account in crowd for their logo. Every users of this platform is not as great as promoters of #promo-steem project and It's matter of proud to be a promoter of #steem. So we should use logo in our account and it will help to grow our account faster. Today you really talk about very important concept.
Thank you.

You are a person who has been helping to market this platform properly I am really very happy to have found a man like you from whom we can learn so much. Also whenever I talk to someone about this platform I try to let them know it is not a decentralized platform it is very easy to present yourself here. And something better can be done. I always respect your every action and work your direction. Another important thing is to get the right idea about the platform we all work on.

There is a certain moment in life when we promote what we have in mind, and as for the benefits of #Steem for those who dedicate themselves, are incalculable, there is no doubt. With a little encouragement, many will be able to move forward. In some way everyone contributes to the work. Blessings.

Thank you sir for the news on your blog. I just realized logos are very important for #promo-steem I will also learn logo making

It is a good idea, since the logo is a point of identification of the brand as such, so those people who focus on marketing have to collaborate with the movement and make their logo, and others, help this great project sharing it on social media.

Memikirkan dan mempromosikan #steem setiap hari tentu membutuhkan komitmen yang tinggi

#steem is getting bigger and bigger due to your admirable efforts

i really like what there do. it's true that logos have meaning

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Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.



I don't have time to go to street to street promoting steemit but one thing I know for sure is that before this month end , I will introduce my co - health workers in this system and I believe that they will going to be whales because they have the money to invest . Some of the things I needed is :

1 : Inspiration from above so that I will present the business in a more convincing way

2: Your support , so that I can buy soft
drinks I will give them during the presentation of the business in order to make it formal and mature gathering.

Branding akun promotor itu penting untuk memahami arti dari sebuah logo di #steem dan dapat meningkatkan popularitas dan perhatian dari orang lain, dengan adanya logo di branding akun tersebut bisa di ketahui oleh banyak orang tentang platform di steemit ini.