The Battle for Social Media. Steemit vs Facebook and why Steemit will win thanks to STEEM. When was the last time you saw anyone walking round the streets promoting Facebook with a Facebook T-Shirt on..??

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#Promo-Steem - #Steemit vs Facebook and why #Steemit will win in the end thanks to #STEEM

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#Steemit vs Facebook

Ask most people who they think would win the battle of Social Media between #Steemit and Facebook and my guess is that most, if not all would say Facebook.

Then ask the same people the same question after showing them this Blog..!!

Thanks to #STEEM the battle for Social Media will be won by #Steemit

These are just a handful of photos recently published to the #Promo-Steem tag...

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Credit: @levycore

nairadaddy Promo-Steem.jpg

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kesolink Promo-Steem.jpg

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allasyummyfood Promo-Steem.jpg

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khusairi Promo-Steem.jpg

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khusairi 2 Promo-Steem.jpg

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Shareholders vs #Steem Holders

Promo-Steem Shareholders vs Steem Holders.jpg

The reason I have shared this Blog with you is to try and show just how passionate people are about promoting, marketing and supporting #Steemit and the #Steem Blockchain.

Ask yourself TWO simple questions

Ask yourself two very simple questions.

Q1. When was the last time you saw a Facebook User walking round the streets promoting Facebook with a Facebook T-Shirt on, let alone going on a radio show or standing up in-front of a crowd making a presentation..??

...or better still

Q2. When was the last time you saw a Facebook SHAREHOLDER walking round the streets with a Facebook T-Shirt on..??

Like I said, thanks to #STEEM the battle for Social Media between #Steemit vs Facebook will be won by #Steemit..!!

Thanks again for reading.

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Long term. Steemit up side is unlimited for sure.

No doubt, STEEMIT is far batter than shitty FACEBOOK. There is no comparison between FB and STEEMIT. STEEMIT alwyas wins when someone talk about FB.

To promote steemit more by wearing T-SHIRT is really a NICE idea. This is the real spirit. Keep it up who are doing this.

I also think to wear a steemit shirt and traveling city to city in order to showing my love towards STEEM. As I told you earlier STEEMIT has given me 2nd BREATH. I love this social media as much I love myself.

You are a real hero of STEEMIT.!!! KEEP IT UP


i repeat steamit is better than FB and sir you are the hero of steamit@stephenkendal

thats great to see this best post you shared with us and also a good news that now every one understand the value of steemit and also steem and facebook is only waste of time other wise nothing and here we get much benefits from steemit mean we get earning and also the much knowledge about blockchains and also of whole world from many talented perosns like you and some otheres and other side on facebook every one is only crazy and post some shit stuff only for laughing and canot find any good infromative and knowledgale post there and not any talented person we can find there so i always preffer steemit and say to all it is the big gift for all of us which we got in totally free and also to all who still not joined i say him pick this oppurtunity
keep it up always @stephenkendal
to see steem shirts it look a big team in world and i think to promote steem with shirts is more wonderfull idea

I am 100% sure that this battle will be win by steemit. Steemit has no any other COMPETITIVE in its way. The promotion of steemit will gonna b rock in any way.
We all participating in and we have believe in ourselves that steemit will leave back FB soon.
Because there is not comparison of steemit. FB doesn't pay anything to us after wasting our loads of time but Steemit does then who the hell is saying FB is better? No
Steemit is far batter ❤️

yeah steemit always best from facebook and i also fully leaved facebook from last 3 months and good to share these two simple questions @stephen
i saw your last 4 posts just now because i didnot onilne that time and happy to see you have been place 3 meter banner
and hope now this banner in whole uk and also every cornor or world, also good to see you with your friends dylon anarocotech
and kiran to enjoy drink,,,, and really excited to to see your spreading love on steemit post that your 60% upvote for now those who paritcipate in
promotinig steem and you click off your autoupvote for selfvote
i tried to listen your webinar after 1 hour of your live webinar but could not find any your
how can i find your talk on webinar site because i already registered

when people find something that they love they will promote it without even been asked or paid especially if that thing is good



thats my experience, after joining the steemit, i have never thought about the facebook once, when you become a member of a platform which gives you rewards and respect as what you are, it feels proud, there is no alternative of steemit in the whole world, this platform is amazing, the time spend with facebook is appreciative, but there should be innovation, things will change by time, and to engage a community with a platform, should be adopt more revolutionary ways, and steemit do, which no one does. #Promo-Steem on

wow its really cool and exellent event and good to see this post in @promo-steem and ist true now every one want to post in this great tag and every one now want to pariticipate in promoting steem to see you and your great team @stephenkendal sir ,,,hope this best event will bring more awairness of steemit to people and hope now every one want to join steemit and steemit is always a great platfarm as compare to facebook
also steem holders are much happy and have big and best oppurtunity as compare to share holders
i am so happy to see this post in @promo-steem tag and sure i also share these posts on twitter with retweets and best wishes for @promo-steem tag always sir

and its more cool to see steem shirts it look a big team in world and i think to promote steem with shirts is more wonderfull idea

Undoubtedly steem wil win the battle of social media. The big reason is not a one man show, Steemit is a community which are progressing by leaps and bounds due to collective efforts of people. Everyone is working with dedication and devotion to make this community up to the top level. You can't beat the passion of collective effort. Steem is giving diversity to people, facebook doesn't have own coin. Steemit bring revolution to the internet. You guys are amazing job by arranging promo-steem events. it will help to increase the popularity of steem. The best thing i find here on steemit it give you ownership rather than a user. Ownership always motivate you to do best. All the best for your promo-steem events. Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal

You would be surprised at the people that where facebook shirts still plus when facebook was still a brand new thing it was big to wear their tshirts as well.

If Facebook does release their own coin its going to be massively adopted right away there is no question about that. This is by no means to deter away from Steemit its just the truth about how things work.

This is why we must continue to make steemit better then facebook with a warm helpful community instead of the trash in which facebook has become. This will be the true separation and why people join and support our community.

Definitely Steemit wins. But you have to agree that it will take an year or 2 more to reach the masses. Like Facebook has now reached the grass root level. I just hope that the abusive use of bots and conservative voting of whales don't kill the enthusiasm. Because it will ultimately lead us to a centralized platform.
I am a big fan of Steemit. I hardly login to Facebook now. Its Steemit all day now.

I have always been frustrated with Facebook. Since I started on Steemit I only check FB to see what my family is doing. I try and post a link to my Steemit posts on FB; my way of getting the word out to those who may not be aware of Steemit.

Beyond earnings from Steemit, it is much easier to meet people from all over the world and to make friends on Steemit. It is a wonderful experience to learn about other countries and cultures without the interference of the media and governments.

When I started studying what Steem and Steemit was, I could envision that we here on Steemit would have the opportunity to break down barriers that governments put up. By interacting Person-To-Person we can learn from each, come to understand each other, and share parts of our lives with each other, all without the propaganda that the government and news media throw at us. With this in mind is not the world a better place? FB cannot compete in this arena.

Then there is the earnings. Who does not love bringing in earnings; whether to save for the future or to earn to have a better life, or for some survival.

Thank you for this wonderful post @promo-steem!


Personally i don't like facebook at all it doesn't give you privacy neither it give you a way to make new friends all around the world nor reward you for your post. For family purpose I prefer whatsapp in my points of view it's a cool app. For other purpose i think steemit is far best than facebook:)


Thank you. I will check out Whatsapp.


oh really @rcornell you don't use whatsapp amused me. It's so common app, whatsapp messenger. I love to use when i communicate with my family and friends. you have a facility of texting, video call and audio call on whatsapp messenger:). You will really find it useful.


Thank you. I am setting it up as we speak. From what I have read it looks pretty awesome.


you are most welcome. @rcornell you will find it very useful just drop a message after using it. you may check my blog


I have mine set up, and now to put the word out to friends and family. I will check out your blog.

Interesting questions @stephenkendal. Both answered with never or I can't remember it. Recently I have sold my Facebook shares and bought STEEM as a very much better and fair alternative.

You're absolutely right STEEMIT is best platform rather than other social medias Website. We are alwayes Support STEEMIT and Like yOu do work by @promo-steem promote this community.

All photographs awesome T-Shirt wonderful. That's very gOod to see all guys show STEEMIT best Way to show your talent and in the whole world

I think steemit would win because on steemit there are alot of good things than facebook and yes by wearing t-shirt and promoting it is really a great idea.
After joining steemit i have almost stop using facebook and the best thing which i like most about steemit is it doesn't have chat option.Only interaction is through comments.
I hope steemit will take no time to become no 1 social media.Thanks to@stephenkendal to you sir for promoting steemit☺

will i think steemit is the future and we are all part of it ... and i love steemit and faebook is dieing .. there is nothing there just spamers

Tbh never saw a someone promote facebook like i do people promoting steemit at a pace like no other social media.especially where you can earn money and your dedication and hardwork is rewarded. I had be using fb for years since it came but tbh after seeing steemit i think its not worth it. I hope for a better future of steemit and us .you guys are doing a remarkable job.thanks

Wow that’s great steemit is going more and more popular..I think steemit is going more famous than Facebook one day steemit take a place of Facebook for sure..i personally stop using Facebook when I started to use steemit because Steemit is great platform where we learn and earn glad to use steemit.

I hope in future steemit will be the best socail media..thanks for your all efforts @stehenkendal sir and your team.

wowow im just damn sure about steemit is the far better and the best then facebook ..
facebook is just a social median but the steemit is the social community which help each other make people more socialist and also help then in there fanatical status so... im gonna promote the steemit higher and louder by the all the social media because" steemit is the life changer "great one @stephenkendal

awesome post facebook vs steemit , steemit is rocking n a great platfrom from when i started steemit i stop used of facebook because steemit is a platform where we learn many thing also get friend with earning and also steemit is promoting because it is only one and one different social media i never seen before i love u steemit 😍😍😘😊😊

congratulations to @stephenkendal and all the supporter who are mention here ..
i really do belive that the steemit is far better and the better socialize and financially help one
steemit had just changed our life it is just worth to promote so i will promote steem keep its up @stephenkendal

I just loved all the pictures with steemit Tshirt...We now have our own brand of steemit and there will be a day we will not need facebook but we will use steemit only...Wish I could have one of those...Great way to start our steemit brand...Steemit will keep on growing no matter what...Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal

Wow that is a great news..Yes facebook is going to lose this because facebook doesn't help all the people and steemit help all people and it is a like a family were we respect each others and everyone here are greatful that website like steem exist and everywhere i see t shirt of steem wearing it that is great..Thanks for sharing this information and yes steemit is the best as i wrote in my blog..@stephenkenal

Absolutely true, they don't do tshirts, talk shows.. I've honeestly not met a single one of them doing these promos. And after seeing this blog, no staunch facebook lover will remain the same.
Facebook stands no chance on steemit. Two years operating and the future is green. Facebook has been long in it and anytime it's getting dropped.. Lets continue promoting steemit to make sure this comes to pass.

Facebook is not even close to steemit i have witnessed it myself.

When was the last time you saw a Facebook User walking round the streets promoting Facebook with a Facebook T-Shirt on, let alone going on a radio show or standing up in-front of a crowd making a presentation..??

We are pround steemians, and way back i never used to feel like a pround facebook user.
This battle steemit wins hands down, and in a few years numbers will show it.

Ha ha I think everybody would desire to join steemit only if I share that you can earn while you post a comment.but still I'm afraid of trolls & aggressive language they used on facebook unlike steemit.
The only shareholder I saw walking down the streets in a T-shirt with a logo of FaceBook is Mark Zuckerberg that to on T.V.😀😁

I LOVE IT! Out of this world post my Friend! The Steemit Community deserves only the best! It is truly the CARING SOCIAL NETWORK! It is such a VERY kind and helpful Community! Filled with GREAT individuals like @stephenkendal :)

Wow! Thats very good to see all guys wear T-Shirt to show off steemit is a best. Yeah steemit is a very good plateform to show our talent in whole world. Its a biggest plateform rather then Facebook other social media.
We will not compare Steemit to other social site because it a best site rather than other . ☺

Steemit has great community approach and recognizes ppl for their great content ,it has more potential then any other platform.i saw many new apps,tool and sites pup up and shutdown after couple months.Steemit is on ri8 track to build something valuable for lot of ppl.ppl all around can share their stories and get recognize on @ same time.also writer and reader can connect and create new content..

All I think steemit can take over FB on following:
1.An easy process to reward
2.On app content and search
3.more option to discover content
4.Reward good writers & thought Leaders..

 All am sure steemit can become next big player in social world...ty

now steemit will be more popular then facebook soon! fi am also steemit addict now ! first i using facebook i known about steemit from friend so i join steemit which change mu life! i promoting steemit in university to bring more people to steemit! you helping and creating steemit more populer i appriciate your work! there is camparison between steemi and facebook ! the way steemit changing the people life so alwqays steemi win!

Waoooo stephen all are looking so good.. Thanx for sharing its a motivation.. Tshirt and hats are always looked so nice with steemit logo.. You all are good hardworking ppl

Facebook steal information about you and make billions out of it.

Steemit protect your privacy and allows you to make a ton of money.

Who will win?

If Steemit doesn't then I'll lose all faith in humanity.

Steemit is social media 2.0 and promote it is the best tool to the progress of platform, i mean when people know all the benefits of steemit over other social media sites they will come here asap, now i'm promoting with cooworkers and family :)

great post.. Yes i haven't seen anyone wearing facebook tshirt but in steem i see all people were steemit tshirts and helping each other and is a great and beautiful family which shares their feeling,..Thanks for it..@stephenkendal

Steemit is the best thanks to you and others! Here is great platform and growind day by day. I'm happy to be part of this social blockchain :)

wow beautiful shots indeed and no doubt steemit has way more potential than facebook and in steemit we see real news but in fb 90% is fake, so steemit to me is the no. 1 social media platform on the globe, wish you all the best friend in all of your future endervors! Stay blessed.

Wow that’s great steemit is going more and more popular..I think steemit is going more famous than Facebook one day steemit take a place of Facebook for sure...Steemit will keep on growing no matter what...Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal

As a writer, Steem is what I have been waiting for since Social Media exploded onto the scene to take over our lives. Let's make it an unstoppable force, and push Facebook in the "hasbeen" column!!

Steemit is the best


I think Steemit is much better then Facebook
Facebook is just waste of time
After joining steemit, i logedin my FB account after 4days and I didn’t miss FB a little
I Love Steemit Now
It’s wonderful, i am learning alot here

Hahahaha exactly! When was the last time we saw people go around branding facebook shirt? I can't remember the last time i used Facebook. This is not even debatable, Steemit with facebook cannot stand side by side.

This is lovely! Everywhere I go, I see steemit advertisement...There is going to be a massive shift in the social media space...and its in the direction of Steemit!

I think if/when Steemit can provide a way for users to easily access their friends via a list or some alternative feed, it could quickly surpass Facebook. That’s the attraction to Facebook. Capture that flag and Steemit easily wins the war for our time and content.

Great post..loved the information yes steem is the best website than others and we cannot compared steemit wiith others website as we. Can earn money here...Thanks for the information..@stephenkendal

I see steemit development is very fast, peaked at the end of the 2017 and now.
many people support blockchain.
thanks for good news @stephenkendal

Steemit is far better than facebook because i have learn alot from this lovely platform by following others friends on steemit i really love it

yeah i fully agree with you that steemit is far better than borring facebook.
Its better if a person doesn't wastes his/her full time in facebook earning nothing and spend that time in steemit.
Thanks for the awesome post

hahaha i'm pretty sure in Steemit side :D

Haha there is no argument about this is there? This is a flawless victory for Steemit via Steem.

steemit will win the battle. facebook is is just waste of time without reward but steemit pays. thanks @stephenkendal for your efforts in promoting steemit, I will always support you. image

The good thing about steemit is you learn from other people here and earn at the same time unlike facebook where fun is just fun.

I wish this vision comes true because the analysis is absolutely correct. The main problem I see is that Facebook is extremely rich and does not shy away from eating its competitors. See what it did to Whatsapp. And if it cannot, or renounces to buy up Steemit, nothing prevents it from introducing its own "facebook coin" ...

Steemit is the best

To be honest there is mass different between Facebook and steemit .. steemit just and great platform which really gives opportunity to the people not just socialize them steem just help them grow financially too..
So steemit is just the worth to promote worldwide because is the best then all personally i just love steemit for its own great kind keep promoting it @stephenkendal

I think there is no battle to be won as steemit is very different from facebook!!

.wow....amazing post..I upvoted you....upvote me

Never there is no one to my knowledge society promote Facebook ..
have never been at all, But steemit, people promote with many ways, with the idea of a unique. ranging from a large banner, flag, clothes, card, up to mobile wrapped with steemit stickers, Very amazing.
Can social media in addition to steemit able to do it all ..? certainly not.

Any way the winner will be steemit.long live steemians.

@stephenkendal we need to promote it on facebook so it will attract too many people am i right ?

wow....amazing post..I upvoted you....upvote me..Steemit will keep on growing no matter what...Thanks for sharing @stephenkendal

Wow great news sir.amazing post..thanx for sharing its a motivation.. @stephenkendal

Very interesting and useful post

Wonderful post Informative :)


just steemit for the future

I do believe that there is no comparison between Steemit and Facebook, because Steemit is far better in quality content, winning platform for all and also it gives economic strength to all of it's users.
I saw some boy who was wearing a FB shirt back in 2011 but look now everywhere steemit is roaring. From East to West, North to South it's Steemit everywhere :) Have a look i am also the part of this wonderful platform <3


thank to @stephenkendal
i’m ready to resteem ..

Very weak arguments imho. Steemit and Dtube has very bright prospects and a very nice working blockchain use-case. It is still in beta version and I feel it should take it's time to mature. We are still not there to challenge facebook or twitter or youtube. The website has to be more use friendly, introduce more features, have good content creators and find a way to stop spams(upvote me, thank you posts).

It does get a lot of word-of-mouth advertisement and there is potential to make money if you have good content. I will continue be part of it and would watch with keen interest how it matures. But its too early to write off FB, twitter or youtube. My honest opinion.

Huh,it will b tough

steemit is no match, he remains the winner

There's no comparing of the two, they don't stand on the same plane, facebook didn't get a chance here, steemit beat facebook hands down in this, steemit is far far above

Steemit is better then Facebook...Following you for more.
You can visit my profile hope you like my photography ...@shoot

Our team promo-steemrural
Thank's for this
Thank's for your support mr @stephenkendal

Hey @stephenkendal,
Thank you for mentioning me on your blog. I love the work you guys are doing with #promo-steem. I will keep promoting steemit and the steem blockchain because I believe its the future.

Facebook has nothing on us at all. We are barely 600K members and we have such excitement. I personally feel that geometric progression will set in once we hit 3M users.

Thanks for all you do for the blockchain! Cheers!

greatstuff !!!! Steemit all the way !!!

Yeah agreed.... Steemit is far more better then the Facebook,
Facebook is good but steemit is the only best social media i have ever seen in my life....Its very interesting and it has changed many peoples life and can change lives of many peoples in the coming time...
I am expecting it to break all records...
Keep going Steem...

I think facebook has already lost as far as I am concerned...
After creating steemit account 3 month ago, I am totally steemit addicted and seldom check my fb account for any personal messages.
Steem blockchain is among the most evolved blockchains on this planet and it holds a huge potential that we can't still fathom, completely.

wowow im just damn sure about steemit is the far better and the best then facebook ..
facebook is just a social median but the steemit is the social community which help each other make people more socialist and also help then in there fanatical status so... im gonna promote the steemit higher and louder by the all the social media..
thanks for sharing sir..@stephenkendal

#steemit can versatile to reach the goal soon in the world.