STEEM just needs promoting.

#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem around the World

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#STEEM just needs promoting

As as battle-proven #Blockchain now in it's 5th year I think it is safe to say that the technological innovation of #Steem has been safely proven.

With tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of potential Entrepreneurs and Investors joining #Steem in the coming few years and leveraging the #Steem #Blockchain to build out their Projects, the only thing remaining at this point is that #STEEM just needs to be promoted.!!

Growing Army of #Steem Promoters now forming

With a growing Army of #Steem Promoters now forming on #Steemit it is great to see so many Users now joining the PromoSteem Community.

For those promoting #Steem and looking for a #Steem Promotional T-Shirt design, please feel free to visit the recent blog setting out details for the PromoSteem T-Shirt designs.

Official - PromoSteem Tshirt ( First Production Stage ) - ORDER NOW

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2,567 Subscribers and $1,604 Pending Rewards

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Massive Thanks

With no fewer than 2,567 Subscribers and $1,604 in Pending Rewards, as a Sponsor of the Community I would like to once again say a Massive Thanks to everyone in the PromoSteem Community for your tireless support and dedication to promoting #Steem.

You are all doing an absolutely fantastic job and I could not be any more proud.

Keep up the great work.

New and exciting phase for #Steem

Looking forward to continuing to support as many of you as I possible can as we move into this new and exciting phase for #Steem.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem around the World - Always looking out for new Sponsorships.!!

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Sir, we need some more regular sponsor like you for this community. The community is growing so fast only for your regular support. You are really great, i like you every activities on steemit. Love you a lot sir ❤️.

Previously, there used to be countless DApps built on Steem like,, and several others. These increased the activity levels on the Steem blockchain and provided variety with regard to the functionality of the Steem apps. Now most of them are inactive. Traditional promotion of Steem is still critical and needs to continue, but I also believe that if varieties of amazing apps built on the Steem blockchain were available and active, they could help increase the interest of some persons and lure them to the blockchain, which in turn would make the promo endeavor slightly easier.

I think this PromoSteem community is the most important community of steemit. So we should support this community, at least by joining this community. Glad to see the huge pending reward of this community. Thank you.

These steem shirts are so nice to help in our steem promotional work.

This PromoSteem community is the most important community of steemit. We should support this community. You are really great Sir.

Promo #steem activity has decreased a little, but we have to increase it day by day. Due to low price of #steem many user is not posting on steemit, i have noticed. But we should stay more active on #steemit to make the price of #steem high. Thanks for your every support sir.

for a community that was fomed just a few months ago, the promo steem community has really proven to be an innovation that has come to stay and help in the massive promotion of steemit.

Sir, the way you are working with promo steem, many more people will have to come forward. Then promo steem will spread.

We steemians must make it a must to make steemit become a household name like Facebook and Twitter

I hope that with these promotions the value of the steem will increase significantly since in recent years it has declined a lot. and each one of us has to contribute something in order to have positive results in the future.

Sir, we have to find some new way to promote #steem. I think you should join some big community of steemit and post a blog about your idea and goal. You should try to encourage them to join #promo-steem. We are always with you. Thank you.

yes this man is doing great work i appereciate it

i joined this platform after 3 years and this man is still here love to see his posts

In 2018 we used esteem app to make post on steemit and got upvote from @esteem. There was a supporting bot on discord called Minnowsupport who support us by providing him our post link. Now we are missing them. I think this kind of project can increase user of steemit.

Appreciating.... Great work

En la perseverancia está la clave del éxito.Bendiciones.

Sir, I think it's a very believable job, Steem. One of the means of promoting it is ourselves. As many of us as there are users, I think if everyone posts about Steam in their respective media, it will spread very easily. Moreover, if we arouse the interest of our friends, brothers, relatives to work on steemit and give them knowledge about steem, they will easily be encouraged to work here. Thank you sir we are by your side all the time.

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Please help to support the promotion of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to twitter.



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